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Adriano Pizza’s journey to the homeland of pizza – Italy

by on August 10, 2022 in
Подорож Adriano Pizza на батьківщину піци – Італію

Real Italian pizza in Kyiv: several reasons why we have the right to talk about it !

Many people boast that they cook real Italian pizza in the capital of Ukraine, but we, like curious babies, immediately believe it and run to taste it, because we want to know what this famous pizza tastes like!

We are one of the few pizzerias in Kyiv that really has the right to claim that we prepare real Italy Pizza. Why so? Well, at least because they were in Italy and personally gained experience in local “piceols”. If you don’t want to wait and already want to taste it, immediately go to our Adriano pizzeria website and order delivery to your home in Kyiv. If you are still interested in how the exchange of experience took place, read on.

The trip to Italy happened spontaneously and was not at all intended to be a scientific expedition to gain experience, but it would still be a mortal sin not to take advantage of such an opportunity. Many friends, having visited Italy at least once, said that the pizza there is simply incredible. To be honest, we took such stories with skepticism and mistrust. Well, what incredible pizza is there? It is prepared according to the same recipes, from almost the same ingredients. And, in the end, master piceols are mere mortals of flesh and blood. But when they found themselves in this country, they radically revised their views on certain things. What were the emotions and what impressed you the most? Let’s read on.

Pizza is a cult… An incredibly tasty cult!

As soon as you cross the border of this truly amazing country, something changes inside. It’s as if you enter a magical world that you’ve only seen in movies and imagined in your dreams. The atmosphere inspires to think and live in the rhythm of “Felicita”. Our first stop was Venice. I don’t think it’s worth talking about its beauty, because the main topic of our article is the cooking of Italy. We had lunch in a local bistro, so we decided to taste the queen of Italian cuisine – pizza, in a nobler place, so we limited ourselves to pasta, that is, pasta. What was our surprise when we tasted them, because we understood that the bistro operates a conveyor, so we did not expect special taste qualities. The pasta was really tasty! What kind of pizza will it be then – we energetically talked to each other.

The next stop of our trip was Verona. Charming, cozy and extremely tasty Verona. If someone has been to Lviv even once and managed to catch this atmosphere, you will understand what we are talking about. Verona, like the Galician capital, is a small old town with cozy streets, pleasant aromas of hundreds of cafes and smiling residents. The architecture of the homeland of Romeo and Juliet is truly impressive. I also liked the greening of the city. Various plants wrapped around the balconies of houses, bushes, trees painted the contrasting yellow-brown streets.

Well, cafes are a separate story… The aromas of pizzerias literally drive you crazy. You want to go everywhere, to every little pizzeria and find real Italian pizza. Fortunately, I didn’t have to search for a long time. The first pizzeria we visited gave us what we were looking for. Imagine a warm autumn evening, we are sitting on the terrace of a pizzeria that prepares its masterpieces on firewood. They bring us two pizzas: “4 cheeses” and “Capricciosa”. In fact, I do not know how to convey this aroma, this taste of cheese, which flows from one to another. This is something unforgettable. How do they do it? Constantly echoes in the head. In fact, it is not so important how, the main thing is that after this trip there was an incentive to develop, because the understanding came that there are no limits to perfection.

italian pizza

You can taste how our development is going. Order a pizza and get all the best that we have brought for you from Italy. Get real Italian pizza in Kyiv!

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