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February 7, 2024 In

Pizza Day

Pizza Day is a celebration of one of the most beloved and iconic dishes in the world – pizza! What is International Pizza Day, its history, when it is celebrated, how you can celebrate, and some interesting facts about pizza.

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May 27, 2023 In

Pizza Po-Kyivsky

In 2023, Kyiv turns 1541. On the occasion of its birthday and in honor of one of the best cities in the world, the Adriano Pizza team has created a pizza Po-Kyiv for you. Our inspiration was to combine a popular Italian dish with the Po-Kyivsky cutlet, as one of the culinary symbols of the capital of Ukraine. The pizza is based on a thin dough base that we age for 2-3 days, cream sauce and mozzarella cheese. For the filling, we chose juicy…

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ТОП-10 кращих начинок для піци
August 14, 2022 In

TOP-10 best toppings for pizza

Pizza delivery in Kyiv is the most convenient way to get a delicious dinner delivered to your home. Considering the great popularity of this dish, we were interested in what fillings for this Italian cake are considered the most popular among customers?

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Особливості випікання піци
August 13, 2022 In

Peculiarities of pizza baking

Pizza has become number one among the most famous and common food products in the world. Overcoming all cultural differences and the language barrier, pizza requires compliance with clear rules of production, which allow it to be called exactly pizza!

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Хто придумав піцу
August 13, 2022 In

Who invented pizza

Pizza is one of the most common dishes in the world. Its ease of preparation and variety of recipes make it so popular. Everyone can choose both the dough and the filling to their taste. Or not strictly follow the recipes, but give free rein to your own imagination. And the extraordinary bright appearance of this dish will make even an ordinary table attractive.

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Піца – це мистецтво?
August 13, 2022 In

Is pizza an art?

Each of us has tried pizza at least once in our life. For someone, such a dish has become a real pleasure, for someone – an opportunity to have a snack, and someone likes to turn the preparation of pizza into a real art. It is not surprising, because in fact there are more than 200 recipes for this seemingly simple dish.

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Собака — піцерія в Сандпойнт
August 13, 2022 In

Dog is a pizzeria in Sandpoint

Unfortunately, between the time I visited the Dog Pizzeria and the time this review was published, a fire destroyed the establishment. According to news reports and The Hound’s Facebook page, they plan to reopen. Sincere support to all those affected by the fire.

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