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You can order cheese in Kiev in 1 minute on this site. Just click on the Contacts section and call or make an order online. Cheeses — not the dessert, which should be told for a long time. Famous taste since childhood was given to grandmothers and mothers by preparing this sweet yummy. It was these emotions that we wanted to achieve by selecting a recipe for such simple, but at the same time, native syrnikov.
The basis of our version was a tender fresh cheese, which spreads in the mouth, overflowing with milk flavors. Bake them in the oven, so inside they are juicy, and outside the favorite is a crusted crust. In the set we serve sour cream. Simply sprinkle all this yummy sugar and enjoy.
Online pizzeria “Adriano” provides an opportunity to order syrniki home and enjoy an unsurpassed taste without effort. Delivery is feasible in Kiev, in priority Shevchenkovsky district, Shulyavka and Podol, in these areas we will be able to bring in 30-40 minutes, in others from 1:00.
Of course, you can buy cheesecakes in the nearest supermarket, and at home only warm up, but we offer a fresh hot dessert from the oven, with a taste of childhood — choose which is better.