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photo Desserts Cake "Truffle"
Cake "Truffle"


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Truffle cake is a favorite dessert that is ordered at the pizzeria online “Adriano”. We offer delivery of truffle cake in Kiev in the shortest possible time.
The main reasons for popularity is of course the unsurpassed classic taste, giving the expected sensations to the client. First of all, customers expect the same taste qualities, as in candies of the same name, but the dough makes adjustments, making it more “wet”. In the composition there is not an excessive amount of sugar, however it can not be called tasteless. Chocolate and cocoa, these are the main whales on which this dessert is held. Although Kiev has its own personal goodies, the truffle cake is not inferior in popularity.
We offer delivery in Kiev. Faster (for 30-40 minutes) bring to the Shevchenko district, Shulyavka and Podol. We work to make you tasty and comfortable. Choose from the presented menu to dessert snacks, drinks or main dishes and form a full dinner or dinner paying for it all is not very expensive.