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photo Snacks potato pancakes
potato pancakes

Potato fritters are the usual food for Ukrainians, it is unlikely that it usually comes to ordering online. In a country where 80% of dishes are made from potatoes — pancakes is too simple. However, we think otherwise — we offer delivery of pancakes from potatoes in Kiev. This dish is for connoisseurs of Derun, zraz and potato cutlets.
Pancakes that are offered to customers are quite easy to prepare however made with the soul. The usual baked crust is outside (but they are quite dietary because they are cooked in the oven), and a soft middle that fills the whole house with the scent. From above all this we suggest pouring sour cream, which we give in the set. The dish, which we offer, must be brought hot to convey the whole taste.
The dish, although simple, but it is suitable so at home. It is this spiritual taste that many people are looking for that are bored with the same type of restaurant food. We carry our delivery within Kiev, we bring it to Shevchenko district, Shulyavka and Podol (30-40 minutes). In the menu under the order there are other dishes: basic, desserts, pizza salads. To form an order faster, call the site manager. Bon Appetite!