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BBQ Wings

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The barbecue wings are the classic genre in the world of online snack food orders. The ideal option when you are fond of something sour, but with a rich varied flavor. Adriano offers a picnic shuttle without leaving home. We provide delivery in Kiev, as well as offer a complete list of dishes to turn the meal into a full holiday stomach.
Chicken BBQ bake in the oven using the classic recipe for BBQ sauce (it was because of the name of the sauce that the baked wings began to be called). The rich, slightly sweet taste of the marinade allows you to become the number one dish. Marinating the wings takes only a few hours, because chicken is softer compared to other types of meat.
The online pizzeria “Adriano” offers in the menu of the wings, which you can order in 2 clicks, or by calling the number specified on the site in the contacts section. We deliver in Kiev within 1 hour. We accept orders round the clock. Bon appetite!