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Interesting about pizza

by on August 14, 2022 in
Цікаве про піцу

Pizza delivery Kyiv – what could be easier? Along with sushi delivery, this service is extremely popular, because there is no faster and more convenient way to prepare dinner or lunch for a large company or a small family than ordering pizza delivery in Kyiv. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the interesting facts related to this aromatic and beloved by many stuffed cake.

Did you know that eating pizza in the workplace can ruin documents? According to the New York magazine, about 7,000,000 documents are spoiled per year due to eating pizza on the way to work.

A resident of Europe eats about 300 kilograms of pizza per year. The American lags behind the European, eating only 46 pieces of pizza per year.

Cosmetics manufacturer Ducho Kresh released a line of pizza-scented cosmetics! It is said that this line has become very popular in Italy. Our women, fortunately, do not yet use pizza-scented perfumes.

The most expensive pizza was made in Rome. Its cost is 3655 USD. It became a Valentine’s Day gift to the restaurant owner’s wife. What explains such a price? The fact is that the pizza included edible gold, caviar soaked in champagne, lobsters, venison and Scottish smoked salmon. The name of this pizza is also very luxurious – “Pizza Royale 007”. However, the taste qualities of this product are in great doubt. Its ingredients are too strange and incompatible.

The longest pizza was made in the Italian city of Naples. Its length was 1.8 kilometers! It took 6 hours and 11 minutes to prepare. As ingredients, the cooks needed 2,000 kilograms of flour, 1,600 kg of tomatoes, 2 thousand A kg of mozzarella, 200 liters of oil and 30 kg of basil. Five specially designed motorized wood-burning ovens were used during pizza preparation.

A funny way to protect an expensive laptop from theft was invented not so long ago. A special box for a laptop looks like a pizza box. True, inside is not a fragrant cake at all, but a modern laptop, a mouse and a charger.

You can order sushi or pizza delivery in Kyiv by calling us at the numbers listed on the website. We are always happy to offer you not only interesting facts about pizza, but also the product itself, from the ardor of the heat, with a variety of toppings.

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