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Pizza + Kyiv = Love

by on August 11, 2022 in

The Ukrainian capital has long become a bridgehead for dishes from different countries. The city was a presentation and testing ground for exotic delicacies (as it seemed then):

• Sushi – as my mother used to say, “these are cabbage rolls in Japanese”. Indeed, there is some similarity;

• Pasta with different sauces and ingredients. It’s not pasta anymore;

• Risotto – differs from classic rice by skillful selection of components to experience the full spectrum of flavors.

But one dish, thanks to its taste and ease of preparation, became number 1 not only for the people of Kyiv and Ukraine, but for the whole world. Pizza and Kyiv have become one, because in this city they experiment with flavors, the newest recipes are brought here from its homeland – Italy.

How much did the people of Kyiv love pizza?

Easy to answer! Just go out on a sunny day and assess which types of restaurants are the most crowded. We are sure that these will be pizzerias! And if you decide to go for a walk on a holiday, then again you will not be surprised – there will be no free seats in these establishments at all. The services that deliver food in the capital will also give you a clear answer to this question.

The pizza delivery service “Adriano pizza” says that over the past few years, the share of orders via the Internet has increased significantly.

Perhaps this is due to greater awareness of Kyiv residents on the Internet and available services. It’s usually scary to make your first order without knowing the reputation of the site you land on, but after trying it once, you’ll become a fan of the simple method of getting food: you called and got a delicious dinner at home!

What recipes do you like?

As soon as pizza appeared in Kyiv (in the 1990s), residents did not take risks and tried only simple variations with understandable ingredients. Tortilla with tomatoes, pepper, sausages, and corn and crab sticks, which were popular at the time. But over time, when the standard “post-Soviet set” got bored and wanted something exotic, the menus of local (even then) cafes and bars were filled with fancy names of species “Calyami”, “Quadroformaggio” and so on.

Thanks to the love of Ukrainians for this dish, the whole industry developed: real pizzerias appeared, as close as possible to those restaurants in sunny Italy.

If you walk along Khreshchatyk today, you will definitely catch the aroma of southern Palermo or Naples.

On the tables you can find pizzas of various shapes (for example, “Caesar” with lettuce leaves and a unique sauce, or “Calcone”, which is not at all similar in appearance, because it is a closed crust). The list of ingredients is also surprising, here you can easily find exotic mussels, squid or cuttlefish ink.
Summarizing the number of arguments, we can say that Pizza’s romance with Kyiv is successful and will continue for a very long time!

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