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photo Promotional sets Набор №2
Набор №2

#Set 2

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Pizza Adriano 30sm
Pizza Adriano 30sm
Pizza 4 cheese 30cm
Pizza 4 cheese 30cm
Pizza Pepperoni with Tomatoes 30cm
Pizza Pepperoni with Tomatoes 30cm

Set is ideal for 4-6 people.
This set consists of three pizzas, this can be understood by name. The main advantage of this set will be the three most popular dishes online pizza “Adriano”: Branded pizza with the same name; Cheese pizza “4 cheeses”, and pecans from pepperoni. The three pizzas are completely different in terms of ingredients: the first is saturated with a large amount of stuffing, the second gives you subtle notes of cheese flavor, and the third is perfect for beer. Also, the main motive for ordering a set with pizzerias is certainly a saving if you have already decided that you want to taste the pizza itself.
Saving 100 UAH.
This set helps to get a discount of 100 hryvnia. If you order this list of pizzas alone, you will definitely pay more.
Also, to order this variant would be advisable if your company has a vegetarian (because the other sets contain meat).
We offer delivery of sets (set) with pizzas within the radius of the following districts of Kyiv: Shevchenkivsky district, Podil and Shulyavka. Delivery in Kiev is free.