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photo Pizza  Double pepperoni
Double pepperoni

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salami pepperoni
salami pepperoni

Pepperoni Pizza Description.
Double Pepperoni Pizza is the perfect Italian dish for Salami lovers with a long history. A double portion of pepperoni gives the pizza a pure taste with no admixtures of unnecessary ingredients. The dough also contains mozzarella cheese. It is neutral, therefore, it will only emphasize the taste of Salami more subtly. The pepperoni recipe is very simple so much that you can safely cook it at home. Only Margarita can be even simpler. But if you are not confident in your abilities, or want to save time, make a pizza order with fast delivery in Kiev.
You probably noticed that in many pizzas there is no pronounced taste. The reason is an excessive amount of ingredients that wash out the taste — everything is different here, because Double Pepperoni pizza is enriched with a double sausage portion, and therefore gives a rich taste.