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Pizza Margarita is not from Italy. Everybody will like the real Brazilian peculiarity of this pizza. The history of this dish offered different recipes, for example, without yeast, with sausage and other options. Exquisite seasoning basil, with a mildly sour tomato flavor in combination with mozzarella and tomato paste will give refinement of taste and ease after a meal. It will also appeal to vegetarians who appreciate this flavor set.

To order pizza Margarita in Kiev, you need to contact our pizzeria “Adriano”. Here you can buy the best and most delicious food. We have pizza at home around the clock, so that you can enjoy and satisfy any hunger at any time. Many, after having tried the Margarita pizza, became regular customers and ordered not only at home, but to the office for a lunch break in order to gain strength for the rest of the day.

We have so many orders from Kiev and the region that in order to preserve the quality, we decided to keep the delivery of pizza in Kiev, certain areas: Shulyavka, Shevchenkovsky and Podol.