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chicken fillet
chicken fillet

Pizza with mushrooms and chicken is a well-known and extremely tasty dish Julienne. We decided to transform, and offer to order a pizza with mushrooms in Kiev. The recipe suggests cooking a masterpiece. This is truly a mushroom homemade pizza, in it not only mushroom sauce, but the slices of mushrooms and mozzarella create an extraordinary taste. We do not offer unusual tricks, for example, to cook it with minced meat or in a pan (and such videos have been seen). The whole secret is in a balanced combination of ingredients.

When ordering pizza, many people are afraid that it will come cold and tasteless, but this is not about us. We know the best routes so that you have the hottest pizza. A restaurant can be an expensive treat that not everyone can afford, but everyone wants a hearty and tasty meal. Therefore, it is our pizza — the dream of a gourmet!

Ordering pizza with delivery in Kiev, which is also free, is possible very quickly. To do this, you need to dial our number around the clock delivery or make an order online. And regardless of the chosen method, within an hour you will receive your order.