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Pizzeria Gusto 101

by on August 11, 2022 in

Kyiv pizzeria “Adriano” launches a series of articles about the most interesting pizzerias in the world. With us, you can not only order pizza delivery, but also read interesting facts about running this business, reviews of the most impressive pizzerias and fresh recipes. Today we will talk about the pizzeria Gusto 101, which is famous for its extremely high-quality approach to cooking and its vintage-style interior.

It is the latest Italian eatery to open its doors at King West, located in Portland. The restaurant took a course back to the basics of classic dishes and simple products of sunny Italy, the main emphasis is on the quality of the ingredients.

It’s hard to believe that this pizzeria used to be a garage for mechanics – the design is amazing! Even with brick ceilings, an open kitchen concept, acoustics are not a problem, the atmosphere is conducive to calm conversation, so there is no need to shout at each other. Lighting contributes to the feeling of closeness, the rooms are divided into zones with individually illuminated tables, areas for guests and a working area (kitchen). Ideal for a group of four friends, but it’s better to come early if you don’t want to wait. The establishment is very popular, so there are no advance table reservations.

The wine cellars house a large collection of Italian wines, but today we are interested in the concept wine collection Vini di Gusto, because we have heard a lot about it. Unfortunately, due to excessive popularity, they are completely sold out, it is difficult to buy even a bottle. In addition to wine, the bar offers many types of bourbon, whiskey and cognac, as well as a menu of cocktails with exotic ingredients (for example, red chili pepper or lime juice).

The focaccia and ciabatta shelves are amazing. I have never seen sourdough for focaccia. The bread dough was light, with a beautiful caramel crust. We were even allowed to take part in the cooking. Needless to say, we appreciated the offer. The service is friendly and kind to customers, but without being overly annoying.
I love squid ink pasta, which is getting harder and harder to find in local restaurants. So I jumped at the chance and ordered “Black Tagliolini” (Tagliolini al Nero – $14.95). I opted out of the second favorite – Grilled Branzino with Citrus Emulsion ($21.95). I convinced a friend to order them to at least experience the taste and aroma of the dish.

Machiavelli’s black salty pasta, which was ordered by the neighbors at the table on the right, caused a strange grimace. But I think it was delicious, especially with the tender cuttlefish, which is sweeter compared to the squid. My portion was too big for me to finish. The Branzino, meanwhile, was moist and beautiful with a bright citrus sauce.

Pizza “Caprichoza” with smoked bacon and juicy bell peppers was a favorite among customers. Baked golden crust tastes good! Other classic pizzas (“4 cheese” and “Caesar”) are also delicious with a lot of toppings, but Capricciosa surpassed them all.

I think our eyes were hungrier than our stomachs when we noticed desserts on the menu. We ordered apple pie and chocolate muffins. They are very popular among local pizzerias, but here they are especially delicious. The recipe uses classic ingredients and is the most unchanged from the entire menu.

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