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5 ways to eat pizza without trying it!

24 December 2016

This week, mathematicians have developed a new, innovative ways to cut the pizza in the insane, twisting, twisted forms. We are amazed. But we have a few tricks up his sleeve. Here are five ways to eat pizza almost not try the pizza. Our course of geometry! What pizza? Baked dough flavored with a variety of toppings on top. In each country, the different features of the preparation of classic Italian dishes. Someone makes an emphasis on spices, for whom it is important to test the quality, but that the pizza is tasty and quite cheap meal, all agree.
So, the TOP-5 most similar in ingredient and method of cooking, eating that you would certainly remember the legendary Italian pizza! Kiyani, who love to experiment - to record and send in a gastronomic tour of the capital!

1. Pizza Chicken Enchiladas

Pizza Chicken Enchiladas

This is the best food: tacos and pizza rolled into one! Inside the chicken filling and exterior damp - dried sausage, and cheese all clobbered. The Mexican version of European cuisine.

2. chicken + cheese + pepperoni

chicken + cheese + pepperoni

Chef Brian Vaytmaer combines two Italian-American favorites: chicken + cheese and pepperoni. In fact, the world is not a lot of ingredients from which to prepare a meal. Specifically, there are a few of the most popular of which are prepared most of the peoples of the world. If you eat chicken all over the globe (pepperoni and especially in the US), the cheese is really a purely Italian. Its manufactured in Europe 80% of it in Italy.

3. Pizza Lasagna

Pizza Lasagna
Chances are that the Italian restaurant where pizza is on the menu, and will also be climbing. Chefs call this dish baked pasta. We advise to experiment and order a pizza in a lasagna. Cool and unusual version of a meat pizza and most importantly delicious. Experienced gourmets call her "lover".

4. Tomato and Camembert cheese fondue

Tomato and Camembert cheese fondue
This salad is a reconstruction of the pizza with its warm and rich cheese sauce, fresh tomatoes and fried and crispy croutons chesnochnymy. For fans of stuffing - this is the perfect dish! All that is part of the classic pizza toppings is here, but without the test. Order!

5. Cheese bread with tomato Strata

Cheese bread with tomato Strata
This layer of cheese, bread and some tomatoes - all baked in the peak. The composition of the possible and easy enough, and the taste is excellent. As they say: all is simple - brilliant! A good alternative to pizza, easy to prepare, but delicious casserole. If you are the Conservatives on the issue of power and do not want to change anything, order fast delivery pizza at the pizzeria Adriano! Thank you for attention!