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9 Italian pizza. Part 2.

23 November 2016

4. Pizza Gourmet

"Gourmet" popular commonly used etiquette stamp yaky often used for pizza as a gourmet standard. Two of Mr. Simone Padoan from Verona and Renato Bosko-Sapore built prestige dish in the direction of Michelin stars to make their dish from the chef. Have you heard of the terms - "tweezer food"? Pizza is often cut into perfect little triangles, they are used as a model in the food press, or made for tourists who for fussiness may not see in pizza dishes for "foodies."
Bosco NOT uses the word "gourmet".
"- For me, the correct term pizza Contemporanea," he says. "- Pizza develops not only in terms of cooking, but also in the choice of raw materials or in the study prepare the sauce."

Pizza Gourmet

photo 1: Pizza Gourmet

As pizza are fanatical emphasis whole grain flour, and of the leaven of the ancient strategies. Pizza baking gourmet Strategy is part of the global development and movement of the ship baking. Obsession runs deep in history. What sets them apart from their American colleagues a willingness to play with blurring lines between the beautiful and artisanal pizza bread with fillings firmennymy: Bosco says that "- the famous taste have both, but a gold finish - only in Italian!"


5. Pizza Romana Tonda


In 1492, Christopher Columbus convinced everyone that the world was round, not flat. Supporters of pizza Romana Tonda look at the world as round and flat. While Neapolitan pizza diskette inflated, it seems like she on steroids instead of yeast. Round pizza from Rome "Romana" has a crust that is extremely thin, ultra clear and self-sufficient. If you embed a piece, the tip of the triangle never sags. Taksche vain efforts to make a slice in half.

Pizza Romana Tonda

photo 2: Pizza Romana Tonda


6. Pizza Fritta


Enough time has passed, so Frit fascinated Italians outside of Naples, as she prepares very precarious (deep-fried, it is starchy and cheese), pizza, it may seem strange. People in Scotland, also love pizza fried frying There exist integers bars.

Pizza Fritta

photo 3: Pizza Fritta

That if you do not go into the question, and in fact the pizza Fritta has its fans. Fatty food is street fashion, bread dough, cooked in a big vat of hot oil has lost its uniqueness and became widely popular star of Instagram. Neapolitan pizza Fritta this miracle of culinary science: You throw a round or crescent dough layer in the fryer and watch it swell and change color. On account of the air cocoon transformed into a layer of golden goodness. After that there is a dance of ingredients - rumble, Provola (smoked cheese), tomato, salami irrigated drop of oil. You almost do not need napkins. Nearly.


7. Pizza Alla Pala / Pizza "Metro Station"


Alternative dates oblong pizzas baked directly on the stone floor for pizza oven, nice hit. Boards for standard pizzas will not work. Pizza "metro" is the size in accordance with the number of people who rolled cake up to a meter in length, assuming that his name - "pizza per meter." Pizza Alla Pala can be cut into square pieces. Italian Pala cut long-handled shovel, tool, yaky is used to extract and pizza from the oven.

Texture and depth may vary, but in most cases, these pizzas are crisp, and at least half an inch thick.


8. Calzone

The work of drawing up the dough for pizza for 150 years: In the historical book Napoli - "Naples tradition and customs," calzone is listed as one of the main styles of pizza. (This is the third option immediately after the combination of the flat pizza decorated with grated cheese, bacon neck, basil and possibly also mozzarella, prosciutto or shellfish). Calzone, at best, has a thick crust, a heavy barrier to entry.

9. Pizza Italiana

This is a sign of higher style. It is also recognized as the "Classica", "Tradizionale" or, in a general sense, "Napoletana". This cooking pizza for Italian model, unlike US small size (about 12 inches). Less filling. Familiar popular collections:

  • Margherita,
  • Marinara,
  • Naples,
  • Quattro Stagione,
  • Capricciosa

There is completely no pepperoni, chicken, pineapple, which is so popular in America.

Southern Italians despise the term "Pizza Italiana", it is used in relation to industrialized fast food or pizza in the supermarket, even if some handmade with fresh ingredients and baked in a wood oven. One of the highest words of praise for any pizza Italiana is digeribile - "-I more suitable." From poor dough is often a feeling of bloating, which lasts for several hours. A good pizza dough had time to rest from the fermentation. It will not sit overnight in your gut.

When people in Italy, they usually do not seek Italiana pizza. It is your own. If you are lucky, it will digeribile!


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