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Alcopiţa - 2 gorgeous recipes for adults

01 February 2018

Alcoholic drinks are often used in cooking, because they give the dish an unusual and pleasant aftertaste. From champagne and vodka you can make jelly using it as a décor. In a white wine prepare a homemade cock, which in 50 minutes becomes very soft and tasty. On the basis of a red beverage, make sauce to veal. Why not use alcohol to make pizza?

Vignola Cherry Pizza

Chief chef Salvatore's produced a real furor in cooking, when the Italian dish put cherry soaked in raspberry vodka. During baking, it does not dry, but remains juicy and tender.

alco pizza foto

Ingredients for cooking:

  • mozzarella - 30 g;
  • gorgonzola - 30 g;
  • prosute - 40 g;
  • orange honey - 30 g;
  • peaches - 20 g;
  • apples - 50 g;
  • basil - 2 g;
  • Cherry - 10 g;
  • dough - 250 g


How to make Vignola Cherry?

First of all, you need to caramelize the apples by cutting them with slices or cubes. In a frying pan with fruit add a spoon of sugar and 20 g of butter.

Thinly roll the dough, lubricate with orange honey, put prepared apples and two kinds of cheese. Distribute evenly slices of prosciutto and cherry evenly. Bake at 350 degrees for a couple of minutes. When served, decorate with basil leaves and peach.


Black pizza with shrimp and vodka

It is easy to make a black dough yourself: during the kneading, add the ink of cuttlefish. The amount of flour is worth a little increase. Alcohol is better to pour in the sauce, not in the dough, because the alcohol base will turn dry and will crumble.


  • dough with cuttlefish ink - 240 g;
  • tiger shrimp peeled - 70 g;
  • parsley and garlic - 2 g;
  • olive oil - 20 g;
  • basil - for decor;
  • tomato sauce (any) - 100 g;
  • Cream (33%) - 30 g;
  • vodka - 10 g.

alco pizza foto 2

How to make black pizza?

Parsley and garlic finely cut, pour oil, you can add a little salt and pepper, lemon juice. Prepare shrimp (15 minutes) in this mixture.

Mix cream with tomato sauce and vodka. Roll out the black dough, lubricate with this mixture. After placing the seafood, which can be sprinkled with any grated cheese. Bake in oven at 220 degrees to make it ready. Decorate with basil.

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