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American pizza. What is it?

05 July 2013

Today, pizza can be anyone - no shortage of pizzerias and cafes online. It is enough to pick up the phone and dial the desired number. Half an hour - and the courier to delivery pizza at home!

Pizza has long ceased to be exclusively Italian cuisine. Today it is prepared in different corners of the globe differently. For example, because of the large number of immigrants in the US has received widespread pizza in this country. Pizza dough from the US can be thick and thin, depending on the preferences of the visitor. In America, you can try both traditional Italian pizza, and one that was invented in the United States. For example, in the US you can find bacon pizza - locals favorite kind of meat, as well as a barbecue or chicken. A characteristic feature of the pizza from America is to use in the preparation of vegetable oils, while cooks prefer to prepare Italy olive.

It is also interesting that the American pizza - this is not some kind of a recipe for cooking. Pizza from the United States is available in a large variety. The most popular are the New York pizza, which by its specificity is very similar to traditional Neapolitan. Great demand notes and the Hawaiian pizza, which is used as a filling bacon, mozzarella cheese and pineapple.

This is always a gourmet eating pizza hot, after cutting it with a special circular knife, so as not to spoil the appearance of the food. Serve the pizza to the table combined with the juice and wine.

Today, pizza delivery in Kiev at home in great demand among people of all ages and social status. Fans are constantly trying new pizza options favorite dish and enjoy the wonderful taste of this fragrant hot burrito. Enjoy you the most popular dish of the XXI century!