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Brooklyn pizza style

26 April 2017

Hello lovers and connoisseurs of culture called Pizza. We continue to travel the world in search of the best pizzerias. The best in all plans: delivery service, service in a restaurant, interior design, and of course according to the taste criteria of a pizza. Not finding a decent pizzeria in Kiev, we continued our search beyond the ocean and found one interesting place.
In northern Brooklyn, last week, quietly, without too much pathos, a new pizzeria was opened in a relatively quiet area of Palmerston. The main idea was to create a "Queen of restaurants" in the area, where they offer to try real Neapolitan pizza in a relaxed atmosphere.

In Toronto, they stopped opening high-class establishments, so the demand for food was satisfied by establishments offering low-price products, and, accordingly, class of service and aesthetic taste. Pizzeria "North Brooklyn" closed the gap between the two classes, offering something in between, but far from mediocre! It offers both a restaurant service and a home delivery. By the way, delivery here at a fairly serious level, here every week there are training sessions to reduce the time for logistics and increase the speed of pizza cooking.

So what is a Brooklyn pizza style? "There is not really such a thing as the Brooklyn pizza style," explain when I ask the locals: "It's more of a love for pizza." - they take everything seriously, people from Brooklyn remember good places and become regular customers. Try for them - customers find fresh and delicious ingredients in them ... We do not freeze anything and ... we make all the blanks in place, we buy really good cheese and meat, make our own sauce, and our own dough. "Brooklyn pizza about how customers value And love pizza in New York E ".

Spatz and his partner Chris Jetchell made a twist to a light but tasty style of cooking. Here the individual character of the preparation of pizzas and special offers. A small menu, with some ready-made dishes and various fillings, allows you to diversify the standard Margarita. If you asked what is the best for me, I will answer "white pizza," with a creamy ricotta topped with a bunch of lemon rukola, it looks light and refreshing (as far as possible for pizza).

Also on sale is, pizza is decorated with seasonal vegetables, now it's beets, cabbage, carrots and poppy seeds. Intelligent people say: pizza is better to eat with a knife and fork, and as my experience shows - most of the filling I lose on the way to the mouth.

Pies with garlic are very tasty, they are prepared from the remains of dough for pizza. Garlic, butter and a generous serving of fresh thyme and grana padano created almost perfect little patties. For easy accompaniment to pizza, we offer a salad with arugula and fresh Ontario peaches, goat cheese, sunflower seeds and dressing.

All products adhere to the local philosophy, which is embodied in one dessert, the so-called "Queen of street cakes". The philosophy is that the cake characterizes the areas of New York in every bite. During my visit, it consisted of popcorn, caramel, potato chips and coffee grounds (only a few ingredients are named).

Basically the restaurant offers delivery around the city, as the physical location is hidden. The restaurant is located far from the passing streets. We asked the owners, why create a pizzeria so far from potential customers? "We wanted people in this area to feel comfortable, like it's their secret favorite place. So it happened. Since we opened, I see mostly the same people who come here every day. "

It is pleasant to look at institutions that adhere to their own philosophy, even losing a certain share of their earnings. We hope that in Kiev there will be opened several such, where every inhabitant of Kiev feels comfortable and comfortable - as in a secret place!


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