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The feed unexpected guests

18 October 2011

Very often in life there are situations when I come home from work, take a shower and eat, just want to take a nap with your favorite magazine or spend time watching a brand new series. But then suddenly it breaks your peaceful state of a phone call, from which you know that soon you will descend to the unexpected guests.

"Oh my God! What I'll buy them? "- Exclaims to himself and ran you rush to the refrigerator. Let's think together how you can quickly and inexpensively from what is at hand at each hostess, cook a couple of dishes that do not require much effort.

If you have smoked or boiled meat, it's possible to cut cubes and stew with vegetables that for speed of preparation can be taken from home preservation.
Whip up can knead the dough for pizza, using dry yeast, which rises quickly, and then you will put a thin layer on a baking sheet, brush with your favorite sauce and top cut everything your heart desires - ham, marinated mushrooms, vegetables and cheese. Sending it all in the oven for 20-30 minutes, you get a dish that can be a hearty feed a couple of people.

Also, you can always bail out the pizza delivery. Our company has always come to your rescue. After placing the order a pizza from us, you will get a tasty, fragrant fresh pizza as soon as possible. Your guests will not have to spend the entire evening in anticipation of pizza.

You can surprise your guests quickly chopped salad for every taste - from vegetables to meat. Just fill them with oil, vinegar, mayonnaise, or better just before use, so they do not lose their nutritional value.

And what will help you out hot sandwiches, which can be beautifully decorate with fresh herbs!

As you can see, options, how to diversify your desk when you want it weight, the main show imagination and your guests will be pleasantly surprised, will appreciate your culinary skills!

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