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What is the difference between Italian pizza and American pizza?

15 October 2017

Variations of pizzas are so many that you can prepare a whole new year without repeating yourself. The products are distinguished by fillings, sauces, diameter, thickness of the cake, etc. In cooking, there are two kinds of delicacies, which have significant differences: American and Italian cooking techniques. It's like two complete opposites: a thick piece with a lot of filling and a delicate dish, created on a thin base.

Pizza Americano

American pizza — a nourishing dish for the company

Residents of the United States love to eat tightly, so in dishes predominates meat with a variety of sauces. Pizza is an excellent example of their food culture. It is necessarily cooked on a yeast dough, which before baking should properly come up. As a result, a decent cake, a couple of centimeters high, comes out. Of course, it should be soft, airy, like baked pies. His taste is more sweet, most likely because of yeast, which is significantly different from the Italian recipes. Another difference: American chefs add vegetable, rather than olive oil, to the dough.
Ingredients can be varied:

• any sausage, ham, bacon;
• chicken fillet, turkey, other meat;
• A large handful of cheese, not necessarily parmesan or mozzarella;
• all kinds of mushrooms, tomatoes, bell peppers;
• several types of sauces, sometimes the recipe includes mustard;
• Only in the American dish can you see eggs, cabbage, meatballs and other products.

Americans were the first to supplement the Italian dish with gherkins, canned vegetables and fruits. It was in the United States invented the famous Hawaiian pizza, which includes pineapples. The only product “New York” is considered the prototype of Italian cake with vegetables, as pizza maister made it to the thin base.

Italian delicacy — refinement in every piece

Italian pizza is very different from the US: at least the filling and sauce, thin crust, a small diameter of the cake, a maximum of 35 cm Dish be strong impossible for the whole day, but it is still hunger for a few hours. But you are provided with not only a good figure and lots of vitamins, but also the pleasure of an amazing palatable palette.
What's special about an Italian dish?
• The dough is necessarily kneaded in olive oil;
• flour for batching must be from durum wheat;
• the base does not spread before baking, so it remains thin, but soft;
• Components are not layered or overlapped;
• the main dish is baked with mozzarella;
• meat products put only one type;
• vegetables predominate in the product, in particular tomatoes;
• When serving, decorate with fresh leaves of arugula.
A real Italian pizza is baked in a wood oven, the temperature in which is very high, at least 480 degrees. 2 minutes is enough to make the dough, and the components are fully warmed up.

Pizza Italiano

Adriano — delicious Italian delicacy for the best price

Our company offers to order any pizza: Salami, Caesar, Hawaiian, 4 cheeses. We created a wonderful version of goodies: the dough is thin, and we put more components than the Italians. All the ingredients of excellent quality, because it is on them all the flavor of the product.
When ordering a pizza at Adriano, pay attention to promotions and discounts, although the cost is already quite adequate. You will be sure that an appetizing Italian cake will arrive at a stipulated time and only in a hot form!