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Dessert Pizza - a masterpiece of Italian cuisine

06 January 2012

Speaking of classic pizzas, an association with something salty, sour or tart. We represent a number of different flavors: seafood, mushrooms, chicken. ... But we can not associate pizza with sweets. It is believed that the sweet taste rather monotonous, but the dessert pizzas there and they are not poor demand.

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A variety of flavors achieved using various fruits and syrups. Dessert Pizza - a special "highlight" of Italian cuisine, but an inventor, unfortunately, remains unknown. The first dessert pizza cooked in the Italian championship for the production of pizza. Judges immediately appreciated innovative approach to cooking and unique taste. Dessert pizza has become a leader of this competition, conquering even the most inveterate critics. And pitstsemeykery have left it unattended in the future, continuing to experiment with the taste palette. Adding fruits, they were able to create a huge number of different species. Pitstsemeykery almost completely changed the cooking. Firstly, in the pizza dough dessert including sugars. Secondly, instead of the sauce began to use the syrup, yogurt or cottage cheese mixture. And, thirdly, we replaced traditional stuffing fruit. Fruits became the main ingredient in the preparation and they pay special attention to. Fruit that does not change its properties under the influence of temperature, made to add to the baking, and that change - since, as a decoration. For example, strawberry or kiwi is laid on the finished pizza, giving the dish is not only delicious taste, but also bright colors. Thus, the traditional round pizza was a real work of art. Riot of colors gave it a special charm and elegance. After cooking pizzas plentifully watered sweet syrup and sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Dessert Pizza - a new word in Italian cooking and every pizza lover simply must try this masterpiece. To convey in words the combination of taste is impossible. You can simply say that the dessert pizza - it's delicious, simple and incredibly beautiful. Besides preparing pizza at home and adding fruit ingredients, you can create new and unusual dish that will be enjoyed. And for people Weight Watchers dessert pizza - a great opportunity to treat yourself to a tasty. After decreasing the amount of sugar syrup and adding more fruits, more often regale dessert pizzas than pizza sausage, mushrooms and cheese ...

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