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Pizza delivery - the history of the service

20 March 2017

Pizza delivery order usually occurs through contact with a local pizzeria or the whole network by phone or via the Internet. Online order is available in many countries where the official website offers an online menu and list of services.

scooter for pizza delivery
The pizza delivery industry is moving in step with technological developments since 1980, starting with the rise of the personal computer. In well-known networks use specialized computer programs for pizza delivery that helps determine the most effective routes for telecom operators, assessing the level of traffic jams through additional services, track the exact time of order and delivery, manage calls and order with PoS software, and other functions. Since 2008, GPS tracking technology has been used to monitor customers on the Internet in real time to determine the movement of the kur'er. Let's add that most of Kiev's pizzeria can not boast of such technologies.

Pizza delivery at Oscar ceremony
Some pizzerias, based on the Canadian network Pizza Pizza, include a guarantee for a specified period of time, orders are also late for free. Pizzeria Dominos (the network was founded in America, and then appeared in Kiev) conducted an advertising campaign in the 1980s and early 1990s, the slogan sounded like this: "Delivery of 30 minutes of pizza for free!". Discontinued in 1993 due to a number of lawsuits that arose as a result of accidents caused by the actions of hasty drivers of courier service, but is still offered in other countries of the world. Pizzerias that do not use guarantees usually state to the customer an approximate delivery time, without making any guarantees about the actual delivery time.

Courier delivery services
According to the statistics of "Adriano", the most popular days for pizza delivery in the year are: the first day of the New Year, the day before the New Year, and February 14 (All Valentine's Day), March 8, the first and last call in school. The number of orders also depends on unplanned events. Football matches of the Champions League with the participation of Dynamo and Shakhtar cause a resonance in the society, as well as in the kitchen of our pizzeria.

In Kiev, the delivery service is not very developed, but considering that we are in the capital of the country, we have an advantage over other cities, but there are still a lot of work!