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Pizza delivery air

03 May 2017

In 2017, pizza can literally fly into your door. Today this is fantastic, but in the coming years it will become a reality. Pizzeria giants in partnership with technology developers have launched test pizza delivery of an unmanned aerial vehicle that can pave the way for commercial pizza delivery. If a futuristic scheme works, it could help change the way people order delivery for many years in huge chain stores, pizzerias or supermarkets.

Running in the planning center Flirtey outperformed the technological giants Amazon and Google, first tested the services of unmanned air supplies. Flirtey predicted a future where everyone can use the application in a smartphone to order food or medicines with the delivery to their doorstep. Such an opportunity can help reduce the cost of shipping for companies such as Adriano and surpass consumer expectations for relatively fast deliveries, especially when talking about hot pizza.

"We see ourselves as the founders of the delivery of drones," says Mitt Sweeney, CEO of Flirtey.

A drone can carry objects weighing up to two and a half kilograms of a flight up to a radius of 16 km. In order to avoid obstacles in the form of trees or power lines, you need to fly at an altitude of 12 to 15 meters from the ground and lower the delivery by cable to the client that should be waiting downstairs. The length of the cable keeps the customer at a safe distance from the rotating rotors.


The first flight of a drone with Pizza delivery


The first test flight Flirtey took place at the airport in Auckland, New Zealand. Dron Flirtey with precious cargo - hot pizza, flew about 1.5 km, and then dropped it on the cable in place next to the airport terminal. We were very pleased that the pizza delivery test went without complications, despite the rainy weather.

"Now that we've done this successfully in the test environment, the next step is to implement it commercially in the coming months," explains Sweeney, the project's curator. "If we do this in the next couple of months, we will be far ahead of the rest." If in America have already launched test flights, then in Ukraine they will appear in 2017-2018. Kiev as the capital of the first will try a novelty. It is logical that this technology will be tested for the first time by Kiev, because there are more pizzerias per kilometer square.

Pizza delivery by drones has been tested several times, but mostly as one-off tricks, not commercial services. Since May 11, 2014, the pizzeria "Francesco" used the drone to deliver the pizza to the general manager of the restaurant on the roof of the residential complex in Mumbai, India. In Russia, a network of pizzerias called "Doda Pizza" conducted six unmanned pizza deliveries on June 21, 2014, but was later fined by Russian authorities for illegal flights.

By comparison, Sweeney and Flirtey want to make drones deliveries a legal practice. They conducted the last flight tests in the framework of cooperation with the pizzeria "Domino". If everything goes well, the network of pizzerias will begin offering pizza delivery by air in 2017.


What are the prospects for the Adriano pizzeria?


The partnership of the pizzeria "Adriano" with Flirtey could mean an important step forward. We would be the first pizzeria in Kiev and Ukraine, which practiced takoe. These technologies need to be paid additionally, but the desire to become the most innovative company of the capital prevails. Following the pizzerias, this kind of delivery could be used by other commercial points - shops, pharmacies.

But the services of flying delivery still face major regulatory problems before they can take off at the international level. One of the reasons why Flirtey chose New Zealand for testing drones is that the country has a relatively simplified process of regulating legal norms compared to many other countries. New Zealand welcomes the proposals of unmanned companies, if they can prove the safety of their schemes.

Approval of pizza delivery by drones can provide the advantage of Flirtey and compete with technological titans such as Amazon and Google. Flirtey expects to have a head start over most competitors, having an operational flight experience with a commercial delivery service.


Food flies in Ukraine


In fact, with the actual number of traffic jams in the capital, such delivery would help reduce the time, bring the pizza still hot and of course give unforgettable emotions. We are sure that in a few years such a delivery will not surprise any person, as it will become common. Therefore, the pizzeria "Adriano" would be pleased to collect the cream with innovation. In the meantime, we can offer delivery of up to 60 minutes with a guarantee of a refund if we do not meet the deadline.