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Two kinds of sweet pizza with fruit fillings

01 February 2018

Sweet pizza can be considered a real work of art, because as a filling you can take any dairy products, creams and chocolate topings, fruits and berries. Spices also will not be superfluous, especially vanilla, cinnamon, fresh thyme and mint, and even chili, which perfectly matches with black chocolate. It is worth adding zest of orange, lemon or lime.

Variety of dessert pizza

To make the dish tasty, you need to correctly combine the components, taking into account in what form the dough base is used: in raw or already cooked. In the first case, the treat is served hot, and in the second case, it is served warm or cold. You need to immediately decide how you will prepare the dish, and then pick up the fruits, sauce and spices.

sweet pizza foto

If the base is baked with the filling, it is advisable to use any fruit and berries that do not lose their taste and color during the heat treatment. Strawberries or kiwi is better to put after baking.

If you plan to add ingredients to a ready-made and cooled flat cake, you need to choose a softer fruit. Apples and pears pre-caramelize until soft in a small amount of butter and sugar. The main thing is to keep the flesh in shape and not to become a puree. After gently move the stuffing to the golden circle. Before serving, you can warm slightly in the oven, and serve with ice cream, putting it in the middle of the dish.

How to form an unusual dessert?

For a sweet dish, you can take any dough that is suitable for pizza. Even a slightly salty base will undoubtedly emphasize the flavor range of all components. It is enough to roll out thinly and evenly with a rolling pin or stretch out your hands, and also create with sides, which can be tucked together with a curd, chocolate mass or with Philadelphia.

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The basis is to spread the sauce, after laying out different products:

  • fruit with berries;
  • cedar, chopped walnuts, hazelnuts;
  • raisins, candied fruits, dried fruits;
  • can be supplemented with mozzarella balls, Strachatella, as well as cheese with blue or white mold.

Oven to warm up to 320 degrees, at home to 180, and put on 3 or 15 minutes, depending on the features of the oven and temperature.

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