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Smoke with various barbecue flavors

15 June 2019

Make your barbecue's focus on pizza from the grill. In honor of May, the National Barbecue Month, we decided to use some of our favorite barbecue tools (and flavors) to make grilled pizza!

With the warm weather, finally, many of us open the grills this month. Pizzeria Adriano offers a variety of tools to turn your grill into a pizza making machine so you can enjoy cooking pizza on the street this summer. There are many ways to make grilled pizza — one of our favorites!

Smoked pizza on wood pallets

These grill accessories can take your pizza to a new level by controlling the temperature of your grill to provide you with a quality barbecue.

In addition to the ability to cook excellent pizza, you can also cook pizza on the grill or in the oven in a curved shape. Forms for the preparation of such pizzas allow you to give your unique smoked taste. With four different kinds of chips and balls, you can customize your smoke to match your pizza flavor profile. The smoke from the boxes gives the crust and makes the cheese, vegetables and meat improved taste.

Wood pellets for sale

The best part is that you do not need a special grill to get excellent smoked food. Smoked smoke boxes work on any grill that is suitable for baking pizza. It can be filled with chips or smoke balls, in the concentration that you need.

Flavored wood pellets

Wood pellets are of two types: hickory and mesquite. They are made from hickory, maple, oak and cherry.

Depending on what kind of pizza you fry, the smoke that you use can be adapted to your taste. Each type of granules will give a unique taste profile of the dish.

Types and aromas of wood pellets:

  • Oak — versatile with a strong, but not overwhelming, smoky taste. Use with any meat;
  • Hickory — has a strong taste that is best used with red meat, such as beef and lamb;
  • Maple — often produces a lighter, sweeter flavor. Great for poultry, pork or fish;
  • Cherry — also produces lighter, sweeter flavors. Great for poultry, pork or fish.

Try each flavor with different fillings to get a delicious smoked pizza, made to your taste!