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Electric pizza for delivery

02 April 2017

Hold your breath, in the pizza delivery industry you recently tested the possibility of using tension, namely, an electric car to move the product from the pizza place to your stomach. The tests took place in Las Vegas, which is justified, because, there is the largest network of electromechanical refuellings in the world, it will make pizza delivery as economical and quick as possible. I wonder when this service will appear in Kiev? Judging by the number of gas stations of this type, it is not yet soon, although the capital of Ukraine is confidently moving in this direction.

Electric pizza for delivery 1

The delivery of the pizza took place through Zap Xebra electric vehicles. If the ZAP sounds familiar, this is probably because the brand was responsible for importing Smart cars in the US, until in August of last year decided to get even closer to this area and develop electric vehicles in person. ZAP's desire in the market for more modern technologies caused the launch of lawsuits, as the desire was in conflict with the contract between DaimlerChrysler and Roger Roger Penske, which prohibited officially distributing the smart brand in the States.
The kit includes four doors, seats for five Xebra passengers (also two doors, and two seats for the Xebra trucklet-luggage compartment specially for pizza), a central headlight and three wheels. It moves with the help of an electric motor, it is charged through a standard 110-volt socket.

Electric pizza for delivery 2
Full charge of the car takes 6:00, but half of the charge can be reached only after an hour and a half. The power reserve is limited to a short 25 miles, but ZAP says that driving in a car only one person without passengers can extend it to 40 miles.
Xebra costs about $ 10,000, reaches a top speed of 40 miles per hour, and weighs about 1,800 pounds, according to official ZAP information. Additional equipment on civil models includes leather upholstery and modernized radio. For Kiev pizzerias, such cars would be a salutary delivery method, since given the cost of fuel and the manner of the capital's traffic, the savings would be palpable. And also the delivery time would be drastically reduced.