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This dangerous profession is a pizza delivery man

28 March 2017

Pizza delivery by nature can be dangerous for those who are engaged in this, because they must go to the homes of strangers, in unfamiliar areas. In Kiev, the process of delivery of pizza is much safer in comparison with the capitals of other countries, but dangerous situations are not small. Today we will tell about the unexpected side of the work of the delivery staff. The information is provided by the pizzeria "Adriano".

Courier delivery pizza
In 2004, Pizza Hut dismissed the delivery driver who shot and killed the robber while working, referring to the company's policy of employees with weapons. National networks, (Pizza and Papa Johns) prohibit the carrying of weapons, although many independent pizzerias (which are not part of the network) allow for deliveries to people with weapons in the courts. Restricting employers to bear arms is a controversial issue in the US

Jokes with orders

Order pizza - the subject of drawings. Jokers order pizza at random or target homes. Joking orders cost companies a lot of money and exacerbate the conditions and policies of delivery, as the restaurant is forced to reimburse unpaid pizzas. In November 2010, in Amherst, Massachusetts, a man claimed that part of Bob Dylan's crew placed an order for 148 pizzas that cost about $ 4,000. People that played this shit were fined and fined in Singapore for placing false orders.

parachutist delivering pizza

Attacks on pizza delivery workers

Pizza delivery drivers were attacked, kidnapped, robbed, raped or killed at work. Fictitious orders are used to lure the victim for robbery or kidnapping, many are wounded or killed.
Because of the tense situation in Ukraine, there are precedents associated with the ATU. The courier delivering pizza on the threshold was met by a former Nazgvardian fighter with a gun, which seemed to be being watched, as no one knew about the apartment in which the former fighter lived. And the courier only made a mistake on the floor.

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