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The story of rolls

23 February 2013

Today, pizza delivery in Kiev, especially delivery of sushi is very popular. But few of those who is a devoted fan of Japanese food, knows the history of its occurrence. Sushi delivery services (Kiev and other cities) - a popular service, not only in Europe but also America, where by the way, and there were first rolls.

The founder of the rolls was a Japanese chef Ichiro Mashita working in 1973 at a restaurant in Los Angeles. Ichiro broke his head, what else new and interesting surprise diners. And finally decided to adapt the Japanese Sushi dish on the American way. He remembered that its texture is similar to the avocado with tuna and nori in America and so popular. So there uramaki roll or roll inside out, as nori there are inside and the rice - from the outside. Today in the service delivery of sushi rolls "California" (this is the name they received) occupy leading positions in the list of the most frequently ordered dishes.

Unusual rolls taste like the Americans so that very soon the news of the delicious and original dishes and spread overseas. The rolls began to add a variety of ingredients, but the Japanese was the most surprising mix of raw fish, avocado and cucumber. Since the establishment of this kind of rolls traditional recipe has repeatedly been modified, but the original composition, invented by Ichiro Mashita, was the best. A classic recipe is the crab meat, cucumber, rice, avocado, sprinkle with sesame seeds and tobiko caviar.

Today, sushi popular par with pizza delivery in Kiev. This dish had to taste many Europeans, including our compatriots.