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History of cooking Hawaiian pizza

02 October 2017

Pizza with pieces of juicy and sweet canned pineapple has become one of the most popular Italian dishes not only in Europe. Of course, on the distant islands of its existence is not even suspected. Who invented this original delicacy?

History of the origin of Hawaiian pizza

It is believed that it was created by Canadian restaurateur Sam Panopulos, who first combined tropical fruit with meat products. In 1954, he left Greece on a ship that made a stop in Naples. Some historians are sure that it was in the Italian cafe that he spied a recipe for an interesting “cake”.

Other sources say that he invented an unusual dish himself. In his restaurant “Satellite”, in addition to hamburgers and fries, they prepared Chinese food, so a jar of canned pineapple in the kitchen was always present. Sam loved to experiment, and once put a handful of exotic fruits in a raw product. The dish was excellent, as they perfectly combined with ham and tomato, giving an amazing sweetish aftertaste. The cook named his creation in honor of the firm that manufactured these canned fruits.

What was in the original dish?

  • Ham;
  • Mozzarella;
  • Tomato sauce made from juicy tomatoes;
  • Canned pineapple.

Of course, Canadians at first did not perceive the curiosity, but, having having tried, appreciated its peculiar taste. Dinner restaurateur scattered far beyond the town of Chatham. Now, most of the inhabitants of Europe, Australia, Sweden and the US adore an unusual Italian “cake”.

Pizza cooking options

The product with pineapple began to be prepared by masters all over the world. Of course, it was supplemented with other components, changing the name, giving out for the author's dish. Culinary specialists noticed that juicy chicken fillet perfectly combined with sweet fruits, so ham was often replaced with a bird. Perhaps this was the reason for the appearance of amazing salads with exotic ingredients and a boiled brisket of broiler. The cold appetizer was amazing when it was supplemented with cheese slices, cucumber rings, and the fillet was baked in the oven with spices.

How can you vary the pizza “Hawaiian”?

  • Put canned corn;
  • Sprinkle with paprika;
  • Decorate before serving with arugula or young leaves of spinach;
  • Throw a juicy Bulgarian pepper or mugs of tomato;
  • Instead of the red sauce, use white, made on the basis of cream;
  • Supplement with fresh thyme or Italian herbs.

Sam and Hawaiian pizza made a breakthrough in the world of cooking: changed the taste preferences of people. Cooks are not afraid to combine in one dish sweet and sharp foods, fruits, meat and even fish.

Pizza from the company Adriano — impeccable taste and aroma

Our company offers to enjoy Hawaiian delicacy with chicken, which we cooked according to the recipe of our chef. You will make sure how well the products and spices harmonize in each piece. Special notes include tomato sauce and delicious mozzarella. The dish will be delivered at the designated time and only when hot!

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