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How to distinguish a fresh sushi from the substandard?

18 February 2013

Today, pizza delivery in Kiev, as well as delivery of sushi is very popular among all strata of the population. This is explained very simply. Whenever you are hungry enough to make one phone call and within an hour the courier to delivery of land or bring a steaming pizza to your home or office. No need to spend time preparing lunch or dinner, in addition, you can order any number of sushi and pizza.

Japanese sushi dish has become popular in our relatively recent. But in a relatively short time, it is loved by many. However, it is aware that such food should be extremely fresh, otherwise the consequences for our stomachs are completely unpredictable. But you can not worry when sushi delivery service (Kiev or other cities) will come to your home or office, you will quickly be able to ensure the quality of food brought. This can be done quite easily.

The fish should be shiny, without film, iridescent spots and streaks. The fact is that if the fish is spoiled, it fades, so carefully inspect the land. They have to be as bright as the picture.
Sushi should not have a specific flavor. Allowed only a slight smell of iodine.
Fig shall be white and not fall out of the land. Nori should be soft, because the preparation she absorbed the excess moisture from the rice.
Taste of seafood, you should make sure of its softness. Only squid or octopus is a bit like rubber. For example, a fillet of yellowtail consistency should be like soft butter.
Knowing these simple rules, you will be able to distinguish the quality of the land damaged. This will allow you to enjoy a delicious and always fresh food and not let themselves be deceived.