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How to cook a pizza?

13 September 2011

I'm sure many of us love this dish Italians. Pizza - the most popular food in the world, although there is the most popular product - hamburger. Yet the pizza does not submit positions in any more or less big city can find a dozen pizzerias. Somewhere tasty, somewhere in there. But just a pizza cook yourself!

Pizza - no pizza, if no test! So we prepare for the start of the batter. The dough should be yeast. Who polenivey can go to the store, and who does not want to store, one can cook it myself. So we did.

For starters take a yeast starter (or a different yeast) and kneading it in two tablespoons of warm water (preferably milk), leave in a warm for 10-15 minutes. At this time, we need to sift the flour into a deep bowl. It is possible and without screening, but the test is not what happens. In the center of our roller coaster you do deepen flour and pour the leaven and a little milk. Do not forget the salt. Mesim dough until it reaches the point that the dough will not stick to the walls of the bowl. Educated bun we packed in plastic wrap or bread bag, leave for an hour in the heat, until the dough is cooked us not increase its volume by half.

Of the purchase test is much easier for the initial training it is sufficient simply to unfreeze. The next step is the same for all:
We spread our dough on a flat surface (such as a table or a large cutting board), floured and mesim it even for a minute. After this procedure, we roll out the dough, preferably thinner, form depends on your imagination. Having base, wrap the corners so that the perimeter of the future of our pizza was formed rim.

Next, we need to lubricate the pizza sauce. Again, either go to the store, or we create at home. The easiest way to mix a tablespoon of mayonnaise and two tablespoons of tomato paste (or ketchup). In sharp little lover: the sauce you can add chili or Tabasco. Remember it is not necessary to cover the surface of the abundant pizza sauce, otherwise the dough will be moist and not propechetsya to the fullest!

Making the filling - a creative process, there are no clear rules and guidelines. Make your choice! Although several fillings, I would recommend:
Classic: first laid with chopped tomato slices. Try to cut them thin - thick slices will be uncomfortable to eat. After the tomatoes, add to your culinary masterpiece sliced ​​sausage (as an option, doctoral sausage) and smoked / smoked sausage (eg salami or pepperoni). Do not forget about mushrooms. Top rub the cheese.

Vegetarian: everything as in the past the recipe, except that the meat products is replaced by vegetables: peppers, olives, onions.

Three cheese: and put on the first layer of tomatoes. In this recipe I advise a summer sausage. Top sprinkle pizza with three cheeses: Gouda, cheddar and Roquefort. By the way, if you do not like cheese, you can change it to another.

Do not forget the condiments and spices! Pizza will be the ideal option oregano, basil, thyme, chili ... you can search for stores in bags of spices, which are assembled listed and other herbs.

By bringing together and stuffing, and the foundation, go to bake our dinner / lunch. We put the pizza in the already heated oven and cook it for 15-25 minutes depending on the temperature, but on average it should be about 150-180 degrees. Check degree propekaniya test.

Special knife to cut a better round shape or a sharpened blade is very normal. Serve pizza recommended a red wine or a sweet, strong black tea.