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What is the cost of free pizza delivery?

21 March 2017

For many years, with the advent of service and the ability to receive pizza at home, the slogan "free shipping" was used for almost all pizzerias involved in supply. Customers are so accustomed to such a bonus that they already perceive it as something mandatory. In Australia, the delivery charge for the order is given to the driver of the courier service, because the institution is obliged to reimburse the driver for depreciation from using a personal vehicle. In the capital, they already use existing schemes of logistics and delivery in Kiev, but in fact, the concept itself appeared far from in Ukraine.

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Domino pizzerias are credited with promoting free shipping to the United States. Another well-known network Pizza Hut began to experiment with the reaction of customers to the introduction of fees for this service and in 1999 began to count 50 cents of service fees in 10 establishments located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. By mid-2001, this strategy was implemented in 95% of the network's pizzerias, which is not small - not many 1,749 restaurants owned by the company in the US, and 5,250 restaurants that operated as franchises. Until 2002, a small number of restaurants (Domino and Pope John Pizzerias) that were owned or operated under a franchise agreement under US law also began charging fees and increased it from 50 cents to $ 1.50, and some of the franchises for shipping even A small Caesar salad began to charge a full fee for gasoline, depreciation and wages. But such harsh conditions lasted not for long, as competitors worked more loyally towards customers. In 2005, the cost of delivery of John Papa was introduced in most of the restaurants owned by the company, but the prices were not frightening. If to speak frankly, then in all pizzerias in Kiev delivery is already automatically included in the cost of pizza. But do not rush to get angry at the alleged dishonesty of the masters of Italian cuisine, because the law of Ukraine obliges to officially indicate the cost of logistics in order to prevent abuse and control the market price within reasonable limits.

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In some countries, the percentage is conditional to give pizzerias a slight extra income after paying for the order. In Canada and the United States, shipping fees are required. The cost varies widely. Pizzerians are legally obligated to notify customers (if they are interested) about the purpose and amount of the profit tax, while contractors, for example courier services, who bill for delivery in restaurants, are legally obligated to report the deduction to the Internal Revenue Service.

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Pizzeria "Adriano" in spite of all the small nuances offers a smart pricing policy, regardless of the cost of logistics or not, offers an expensive but tasty pizza, which attracts the attention of Kiev!

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