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When first introduced sushi?

26 January 2013

Sushi delivery today is one of the most popular industries in catering. And when there were land and who was the creator of this wonderful and popular dishes?

This Japanese product originated more than 1,300 years ago in South Asia. In this land it did not appear as a separate dish, and as a way to preserve food for a long time. "Sushi" is translated as "pickled fish". At the time, peeled and cut into small portions of fish sprinkle with salt, it added the rice and ingredients are placed under a stone press. A few months wandering products, after which the fish becomes suitable for consumption throughout the year.

In the 19th century chef Yohei Khan, who lived in Tokyo, the first stop to marinate the fish and handed them raw. As a result, the preparation of this dish was the only take a few minutes.
The very first roll emerged in the United States. Chef Ichiro Mashita from Japan in the early 20th century, is a Japanese dish adapted for American palates. Initially rolls differed from sushi manufacturing method. It is known that a piece of sushi are fish on rice, wrapped in a roll. This filling is relished by many. And in the mid-80s is a Japanese dish became known in other countries.

Sushi delivery in Kiev allows you to buy this unusual but many favorite dish from home. Just choose the most favorite kind of sushi (because there is a great variety of toppings), determine the portion, and of course with sauce.

Through the delivery of the land at any time to arrange a gala dinner, without the long process of preparation.