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The real Italian pizza

09 March 2013

For today's inhabitants of pizza delivery (Kiev) seems a standard service, but few of us know what a real Italian pizza and when it came it? Despite the fact that the delivery of sushi and pizza delivery in Kiev is very popular, a couple of centuries ago on the tortilla with meat and vegetables, no one knew. Progenitor Italian pizza was tortilla "focaccia". It is a conventional piece of dough, which served as food for the peasants and soldiers.

This pizza rolls, which we used to see at home, appeared about 200 years ago. The issue is at the time when looking for recipes cook simple and fast meals for poor people. So there were tortillas with tomato, sprinkled with cheese and oregano. Spacing such pizza hawker. They were placed in a metal box product, and wore it on his head. Thus, the poor have the opportunity at least once a week to eat fragrant pizza.

Classic Italian pizza is available in two versions: "Margarita" and "marinara". The latter was named in honor of the poor fishermen, who prepared it for breakfast every day. But the story of the most famous in the world of pizza "Margarita" is much more interesting. It was first formulated in 1889, and received its name in honor of the wife of King Umberto for which was prepared pizza filled with tomato, basil and mozzarella (color matched with the flag of Italy). Queen is so came to taste this option tortillas that has become one of her favorite dishes. Since then the pizza "Margarita" not only fell in love with the Queen, but also all residents of Italy. And then her fame has spread around the world.

Today the popularity of pizza delivery exceeds the land in Kiev and other fast foods. And all because of the hot bread with various fillings not only satisfies hunger but also allows you to vary the daily diet.