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Features baking pizza

10 July 2012

Pizza has become number one among the most famous and popular food in the world. Overcoming all cultural differences and language barriers, pizza requires adherence to clear rules of production, which allow it to be called pizza! It seems that it is quite simple to manufacture. However, in order to get a real pizza, you need to follow a lot of important rules of cooking and baking, as well as do it regularly, then the skill is gained, all the tricks become easy and understandable.

Baking conditions

For baking elastic pizza, which ideally folds in half, you need a special oven. Baking should take place in the oven on the wood at a temperature of 200-215 * C.

The Association of Real Neapolitan Pizza recommends that the cooking process be shortened to 60-90 seconds at a temperature of 485 * C to get a soft and flavorful pizza.


The dough for this pizza is made on the basis of wheat flour (classification in Italy "Type 0" or "Type 00"), can be added solid flour sorts, but only fine grinding is invariably used. The pizza cooking method is important. He ranks first among the criteria of "classic pizza", which were adopted by the Italian government. We recommend kneading dough by hand, forming a cake without a rolling pin, and the dough should be no more than 0.3 cm thick. Experienced pizza makers quite easily cope with such demands by spinning a cake on one finger in the air.

Little tricks

In the manufacture of sometimes not taken into account that for a good test sugar is simply necessary. Moreover, the yeast is combined with sugar and warm water. But no salt with yeast and warm water. And a small, but very important nuance - olive oil does not immediately flow into the center of the flour, but is first mixed with salt and water, and only after that it is combined with flour.

It should be noted that real pizza is prepared only with the use of olive oil, which is applied evenly to the whole cake. For this purpose, special containers with a narrow long spout are used, which allow the oil to flow in a thin stream. Butter for pizza is needed quite a bit, ideally it is poured in circles, starting from the outer edge of the pizza to the middle. The distance between the circles is at least 0.5 cm.

Traditional Pizza Additives

In almost every pizza is used tomato sauce. A special Neapolitan variant is prepared from 1 kg of fresh tomatoes, which are ground and boiled for about an hour with spices: basil leaves, origano, black pepper, a clove of garlic and a pinch of salt.

Especially honored and beloved in Italy is the Mozzarella cheese, which even babies can consume. This type of cheese, made from buffalo milk, is part of many types of pizza. In addition to "Mozzarella", often used is "Parmesan". For cheese lovers, a special pizza is made called “Four Cheeses”.

Of great importance is the location of the ingredients on the pizza itself, which are evenly laid out in one layer. The pizza must be fine even with the filling, it shows a certain class of pizzaiola and the quality of the place.

One secret about which all lovers and admirers of this Italian dish know is to use a special pizza cutter. Such a device allows you to quickly cut and serve tasty treats to the table. And the most delicious pizza, as you know, just made.

Best regards, online pizzeria “Adriano”.