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Pizza and everything about it!

06 December 2011

Where did the pizza? It is useful or harmful, and what she ready? What types of pizza there? This - in this article!

No one really can claim the role of inventors who owns a pizza. But we know from many sources that the ancient Greeks were the first to bake the dough in the oven covered with stuffed and used as a stuffing everything that was in their kitchen. And this bakery was called «plakuntos», which means baked flat bread. But this is not true and there are many versions of the emergence of pizza on different continents. Previously, the pizza was considered food for the poor, but with the emergence of tomato in Europe, the peasants were the first to add it as a filling in a pizza and realized that it was very tasty.

In America, they bring pizza with Italian immigrants. The popularity of pizza has grown from year to year.

Adriano pizza - pizza delivery - pizza Kiev

The real and most delicious pizza you can find and try it in Italy. There are many varieties of pizza, Pizza Margherita, Polo Capriccioso, marinara, and many other variations. Classical pizza consists of dough and filling. The composition includes dough: flour, water, salt, olive oil, sugar and yeast. The dough should be kneaded by hand, without the use of any machinery. The thickness of the baked cakes - it individually, that is, someone loves thicker dough, and some thin and crispy. The main ingredient for pizza toppings is mozzarella cheese.

But in other countries, you can taste the pizza, but it will be a pizza with the peculiarities of each people, ie, with the addition of various individual elements for a given nation. Pizza is one of the most popular international dishes, conducted social polls have shown that the pizza is familiar to more than 80% of respondents.

Pizza harmful or helpful? So the question is raised by many people. This question can not be answered specifically, it is harmful and useful. The pizza contains tomato, and they are a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, it is a plus. As well as the presence of the cheese, which provides us with calcium, is also a plus. But the pizza contained a huge amount of fats that are not good for fat people obese. Pizza dough prepared with the addition of yeast and flour varieties, and they are also rich in minerals. So all you can say with certainty that the pizza is more useful than harmful.

Nowadays there are many pizzerias, which deliver pizza without a difference - to your home or office, you always get the fragrant and delicious pizza. But you can at home to cook a pizza, and if you follow the recipe, it would be no less tasty than the pizzeria. A variation with toppings will allow you to indulge a close and more new dishes!