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Pizza in Kiev - TOP 5 delivery services

21 January 2017

Pizza home delivery - great service that saves time and gives the opportunity to enjoy professional kitchen effortlessly. Many women are happy that there is an opportunity not to cook, but still delicious surprise girlfriends and more men are enthusiastic about the opportunities will not go, and stay with the best friends of your sofa watching sporting events.
We have compiled a list of the best services for the delivery of food in the capital. The main dish in which there is usually a real Italian pizza, and apart from her menu includes: first, second courses, desserts and drinks.
That is, everything is here for a full breakfast, lunch or dinner. Let's Review the data services to get their own opinion about the quality, speed and taste of food these delivery services.



Hours: around the clock
Delivery time: 30-40 minutes.
Products: pizza, fries, menu, salads, desserts, drinks, WOK / Pasta
The main advantages: cheap pizza, a lot of toppings

Pizza "Adriano" - delivery service pizza and other dishes. The main plus is consider a wide range of Italian dishes, as is well known - they are the most delicious in Europe. Intuitive and simple design will not get lost and waste time on "orientation in space." You will immediately find yourself on the main page with a full list of pizzas, but they are 23. The emphasis is on meat pizzas, but also present in the range of fish, seafood and greens. The downside is the delivery of only three districts of Kiev, but maybe that's a plus for the residents of these areas, because the most likely delivery will be on time, as there is limited area. By the way the delivery time given 30-40 minutes.



Hours: around the clock
Delivery time: 30 min.
Assortment: Pizza, fries, wings, salads, breads, desserts, drinks,
The main advantages: delivery over Kiev

The world-famous network with a long tradition and frenzied experience. This year, the network of pizzerias covered the entire capital. Menu is standard for this type of institutions, however, surprised by an interesting item on a site called "Bread". They look very tasty and really is a novelty in the Ukrainian market.

No 3 "PIZZA 33"


Hours: around the clock
Delivery time: 30-40 minutes.
Assortment: Pizza, Wings, Pasta Salads, Desserts, Drinks,
Main advantages: Wide assortment of pizzas

Large assortment of pizzas will satisfy the most demanding palates in fact, it seems, there are all possible variants of this divine Italian dishes. It is also possible to order the so-called combo menu (pizza + Coke). And of course the website design provokes to order because looks delicious!

No 4 "PIZZA House"


Hours: around the clock
Delivery time: 60 min.
Assortment: Pizza, Sushi, Sandwiches, Soups, Rice, Pasta Snacks, Children's menu, salads, desserts, drinks, alcohol.
The main advantages: An extensive food menu

The longest delivery time (60 min.) Compensates for a huge menu of dishes. Taking advantage of the delivery service you will get the whole list of foods that will be enough for the anniversary celebration, and it does not need to prepare anything! The first, second courses, salads and desserts, and of course alcohol - everything is here!

No 5 "MAFIA"


Hours: around the clock
Delivery time: 60 min.
Assortment: Pizza, Soups, Pasta salads, hot dishes, desserts
The main advantages: All-Ukrainian network of well-known

Experience in the offline business is an advantage for meal delivery service, for performance standards and are transferred into the sphere of the Internet business. The current restaurant menu is now available on the site, which is a plus for customers. And here is delicious!