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Pizza in the different countries

22 December 2011

Pizza - the favorite dish of both adults and children. Initially, it was the Italian food of the poor, who baked cakes with products available to them - oregano, tomato, some cheese. Once King Ferdinand I tried a pizza and was delighted with its taste. So the pizza was the dish worthy of a royal cuisine. Later, she appeared in other countries, as the Italians - big fans of wandering. And because wherever they appeared, opened the pizzeria. Now pizza - one of the most popular dishes in the world. And each country has its own ways of preparing delicious pizza. A distinctive feature of traditional Italian pizza is a thin base, which put only 3-4 ingredients.

The most famous Pizza Margherita is produced only from tomatoes and mozzarella. And, of course, with the addition of basil. The Italians put it in almost any pizza. There is an Italian menu and a closed pizza - calzone that before baking grease with olive oil, so that it was covered with a golden crust. The dough is prepared the same way as for a conventional open pizza. The only difference is that all the ingredients in baked products. To prepare the dough need yeast, salt, sugar, some olive oil, water and flour. All the mix, and the dough - ready. Roll it thin layer, brush with sauce made of tomatoes, onions and garlic, and put the ingredients intended for pizza: boiled meat, tomatoes and cheese.

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French - gourmets, known around the world. But their pizza is different from Italian pizza just replacing other mozzarella cheeses, such as Parmesan. In general, the French prefer to buy fresh frozen pizza in the store or go to a restaurant in the Italian style, some in France has a considerable amount. French pizza dough is prepared the same way as for the Italian. For the filling, you can take the thinly sliced ​​onions and garlic, tomato, a few olives, basil leaves, a sprig of thyme, a little cheese and anchovy fillets into small pieces.

But in Japan, the way pizza is totally different. There are all kinds of pizzas are united by one name - okonomiyaki, which means that the fry that you like. Yes, fry, bake and not as we used to. And, do fried Visitors restaurants. Arriving at the restaurant, they order themselves stuffing and gravy, cook when they are preparing the dough and removed. And then - Visitors independently mixed with the dough ingredients and fry favorites okonomiyaki on both sides. The filling can be anything, from the beloved Japanese to seafood and traditional Italian toppings - vegetables or meat. That's one of the recipes of Japanese cuisine: knead the batter one egg, a glass of water and three tablespoons of flour.

Cut equal amounts of squid meat, cabbage and Japanese noodles, add the onion, shrimp, cheese and tuna-like chips. Mix all of the products with the dough and put on a heated pan. Up to lay slices of lean pork and fry on both sides. It is noteworthy that the Japanese pizza cut into squares. Ways pizza - a lot, and everyone will find something that taste to him. The main thing - keep in mind that eating a hot pizza. Pizza and used as an appetizer and as a main dish. In this case, in addition thereto, it is fed, for example chicken wings. Well, the drinks to the pizza you can use any other than the tonic and liquor. This may be tea, lemonade, fruit juice, punch, beer, or mineral water.

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