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Pizzeria - delivery included fun

13 January 2017

Pizzeria - a special place! This kind of food establishments is different warm energy and warmth. Remember the childhood, it's nice when the parents brought home a pizza. Suppose we have a cold, and still delicious. A first trip to the pizzeria still remember! What's special charms lie Pizzeria? Now you learn.

pizzeria 1
Pizzeria Kyiv everywhere, the trend appeared in early 2000 and covered the entire capital. Then came the pizza home delivery, which further led to get used to a simple dish called pizza!
Key facts why in Kiev, like pizzerias:

  • Universal catering! Here you can meet a company of men with beer pins for browsing through football and family with baby having breakfast on Sunday morning.
  • Cheap! Pizza assists in a festive atmosphere to spend a weekday. It replaces the entire list of dishes relevant to dine. Salad, soup and main course - all this pizza! And of course it is not expensive. The average cost of a pizza is 60 UAH for Margarita and up to 190 UAH for BBQ.
  • Comfortably. Since this is an Italian restaurant, and the interior is designed in traditional motives of the Italian garden, or my mother's kitchen.
  • Smells good! Many pizzerias, enticing customers bake the pizza in front of guests. The fragrance comes in a few minutes, when the dough enters the oven.

pizzeria 2

A pizzeria is easy to touch the European traditions and cuisine. The word "tradition" is meant classic Italian recipes + way of doing business. There are many different actions. We are sure that no additional glasses of beer you will not let go.
In 2017, the trend has not changed, the pizzeria popular, and because of availability in terms of price come into circulation dozens of new institutions. Today, every Kyivlyanyn 1 time per month trying this extremely simple but tasty dish called pizza!

pizzeria 3

Pizza Delivery Service "Adriano" unfortunately can not invite you to visit, but with joy will come to you. We produce home delivery within 40 minutes.

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