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Fascinating Italy

12 June 2012

Temperamental, inspiring and diverse - Italy will than to please even the most discerning guest. Fans of seaside resorts and culinary travelers, fans of classical art and those who are crazy about shopping - everyone will get the impression here in accordance with their preferences and tastes.

Italy - a real magnet! The very mention of the name of this country is a flurry of associations: the Roman Empire, the Coliseum, the masterpieces of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci, football clubs, gourmet coffees, pizza brands Gucci, Armani, Cavalli, Ferrari. This is a classic country of beach tourism and ski resorts: the coast is washed by four seas, more than thirty ski resorts offer over 2,500 km of trails. Italy - a dream for lovers of art and history. The ancient city, unique architecture, the world's masterpieces - the spirit of centuries here almost every city, building stone.

All roads lead to Rome! Here - the Colosseum, built in 80 after Christ, in the arena which fought gladiators Capitol - the heart of ancient Rome, where the towering temples of Jupiter and Juno, the House of the Vestal Virgins - virgins-the priestesses who kept the fire of the Goddess Vesta, the Arch of Titus, pass under which the case each guest of honor of the capital, since it is believed that it will certainly bring health and success.

Tourists romantic simply can not visit Verona - one of the most beautiful cities in the country that Shakespeare chose the site of action for the tragic love story of Romeo and Juliet. There is a belief that love will come true desire, if you write it on paper and leave on the wall under the balcony, thereby, to which Romeo came to a meeting with the beloved. Happiness in love and promises to bring a simple touch of the hand of the statue of Juliet.

Another "harbor" Romanticism - Venice, Bride of the seas. This city is built on a hundred islands, supported by millions of piles and connected four hundred bridges. The main form of urban transport - river tram, boat and traditional gondola. "Nevsky Prospect Venice", as the poet Vyazemsky called chetyrehkilometrovoy water main "street" of the city - Canal Grande. Venice, in fact, a huge museum of architecture and works of art. Interestingly, for example, the Doge's Palace, which for centuries was the "hallmark" of the city - guests arriving by sea, the Doge (head of state) personally greeted with a balcony overlooking the bay.

Naples - "tysyacheliky city" - is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. It attracts Anjou Castle, Galleria Umberto Primo, the underground city, the Castle of the Egg. But the main attraction is outside. It - Vesuvius and the Museum of Roman cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, which were killed by the eruption of the volcano.

For connoisseurs of the beauty industry is required to visit Milan - the world capital of fashion. It is a town - a showcase, a paradise for shopping and place of the most fashionable events. Most shops are located on the street Via Montenapoleone. Milan is also the famous "Last Supper" by Leonardo and a masterpiece of Gothic architecture - the cathedral, the Duomo.

Materialization of dreams can be called Cinque Terre (which means "five lands") - the five fishing villages, perched on the cliffs overlooking the azure waters and interconnected trails in the picturesque olive groves and vineyards. By the way, fans of beach marine recreation - the lush island of Capri! It is a paradise and a favorite resort of tourists from around the world - descended from postcards beaches, many beautiful grottoes and caves.

Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel, the Uffizi Gallery, La Scala (one of the most famous theaters in the world), Pisa with its famous leaning tower, the orange groves of Sicily - Italy's list of attractions is very long. Do you want to see the country and its famous sights in just one day? There is a possibility! It provides popular park "Italy in Miniature", located in Viserba. In the territory, which follows the outline of the Italian "boot" on a scale from 1:25 to 1:50 models are copies of almost all of the major architectural masterpieces and natural attractions of the country. You can evaluate and top view of the display, using a special monorail train.

It is interesting that people in Italy talk to more than 1,500 dialects. It is clear that this fact does not facilitate communication with the Italians, but some language rules after visiting this country you certainly will. For example, up to 12 hours of the day made the greeting "bonzhorno" afternoon - "Eero Bonas" and "orividerchi" should say good-bye. And no "ciao!" The fact that the word is derived from the word slave ("FAQ") and is about - "I am your servant," so that such traffic is permissible only in communion with very close friends.

Italians are experts in the leisure and entertainment. In small settlements in the afternoon for a few hours of life calms down - is "pennikella" siesta. But the evening begins a kind of festivities - people go out into the street, talk, go to restaurants and cafes.

But only one mind and eyes of Italy did not understand. For a deeper comprehension suit the taste experience. For Italian cuisine and Italian wines is already worth a visit to the country. For Italian cooking - a matter of honor, and pasta - the dish first, rather than a side dish. Risotto Milanese, steak Florentine, stuffed pork leg "zampone" bologna mortadella, Sicilian sweets - these are no less proud than the Colosseum and Sistine Chapel.

A snack is usually served antipasti - toasted bread with tomatoes, olives, smoked. We recommend to try carpaccio (thinly sliced ​​raw beef, marinated in vinegar drizzled with olive oil, lemon juice and sprinkle with Parmigiano cheese). The first dish is pasta (in our opinion - the pasta), flavored sauces, recipes are passed down from generation to generation. On the second - the steak, tender baked fish or pheasant. And of course - coffee. By the way, the usual serving of this drink in Italy, half a cup of coffee, but it entered into an unusual taste and a powerful energy boost.

One should visit the «pizza rustica» - establishments where large baking pizzas in front of your eyes: with shrimps, salami, vegetables and even chocolate cream. And you can buy it in portions. But if you want a true taste of pizza, you should go to her home - in Naples. Delivery pizza around the clock Kiev

And do not forget about the Italian ice cream! Connoisseurs claim that the best kinds of dessert - made at various cafes and marked with the inscription «produzione rgoria" (homemade). And, of course, Italian wines - red Chianti from Tuscany, strong grappa, a variety of liqueurs.

Cheerful and friendly - no matter for what purpose you visit this country: see the masterpieces of ancient art, sunbathe on the beach, visit the mountains or take a ride on a gondola. The special spirit of antiquity, the genius of the Renaissance masterpieces, extraordinary nature, seascapes, culinary delights, a sense of the world through the prism of music and love - a piece of Italy will always be with you.