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The best Neapolitan pizza "Starita"

06 May 2017

After arriving in Italy, we had a short sleep. In plans to visit the legendary pizzeria Starita (Via Materdei 27-28). It is approximately 30 minutes walk from the central train station in Naples, can be reached by the R4 bus, which goes up Via Via Toledo and takes you to the desired quarter. After a tiring day, we decided to take the bus.
The Starita pizzeria has been at the center of Italy's national attention several times. It was opened in 1901. The pizzeria was widely publicized due to the filming of the famous film Sophia Loren - "L'Oro di Napoli" (Gold of Naples) - in 1954. Recently, Antonio Pizzayolo received the honor of preparing and presenting a special cake for Pope John Paul II to the anniversary of 2000. "Pizza Del Papa" - now placed in the menu of the pizzeria.

Despite the popularity, the pizzeria "Starita" is rarely one of the first places that come to mind when asking local residents to tell about their favorite place in the city. Perhaps because it is far from the center. Or maybe they just do not want tourists going there. The reason is not important - the Starita pizzeria should be at the top of the list of the best pizza places in Naples. There I found the most delicious pizza in life. It was delicious, despite the fact that we ordered as many as three pizzas. Each was impressive.
But before we get to the pizza, let's talk about the place itself. We arrived on Thursday at about 8 pm, the pizzeria "Starita" just started receiving maximum orders. The first room where we entered, where the furnace is located, was packed by people, they were placed in line to take orders and waited to sit down. The largest hall on the left is divided into three adjacent rooms in a railway style. Jewelry includes various news articles, memorable historical photographs of the institution.


The menu takes time to process. Believe it or not, in the menu of the Starita pizzeria more than 60 pizzas! However this is the only place until in Italy where we did not have an English menu, but fortunately, there was a good sense of humor because we wanted to book. There were a lot of pizzas that looked delicious, but if we were able to absorb more than three, I would choose another pizza Al Pesto (smoked mozzarella with Pesto sauce) or follow on and try to order pizza Lasagna (tomato, Fiore di latte and ricotta).
But except margarita - which tried to try in every city in Italy, we had to order a special pizza "Del Papa" (Nuts, smoked mozzarella cheese, peppers and zucchini). It was cooked perfectly. Each bite melted in the mouth. The crust was adequately charred, but soft masticatory qualities were still preserved. Pizza Margharita cost € 4.00 ($ 5.50), and Pizza Del Papa € 7.00 ($ 9.50).


The first two pizzas were so delicious that we wanted to try the others. I chose "Fiorilli" (smoked mozzarella and zucchini), we also asked the waiter to recommend something. Unfortunately, there was not enough cheese in the proposed pizza. Compensated the lack of cheese with fresh and properly cooked vegetables, unlike many Neapolitan pizzerias, where they were thrown carelessly and sparingly. It cost € 6,00 ($ 8.50).


On the way back, we stopped to say hello to the legendary picillo Antonio. He spoke a little English, but it is clear from him that he was happy. Coming out of the pizzeria, we passed through the front hall filled with people, the queue of which turned into the street. A lot of families, couples and students were looking forward to a chance to try the best pizza in the city. Regardless of whether they planned to dance all night, or just have a bite on the way home ... I can not think of a better way to spend an evening in Naples.