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Sweet pizzas - a gourmet's dream

13 May 2013

For modern man, whose life does not stop for a minute, so it is important to save valuable time for the more relevant cases, rather than daily cooking. Therefore, pizza and sushi delivery service enjoy such great popularity in all the major cities. This service as a pizza delivery in Kiev offers a variety of shops, cafes and pizzerias course. Each catering tends to stand out and attract visitors something unusual, new and unexpected. We did not stay on the sidelines of this trend and is now pleased to offer an amazing product - sweet pizza! What it is? Is it tasty and what toppings you can add to the well-known since ancient times, the cake?

A paradise for the sweet tooth

Sweet pizzas - a dish for gourmets, especially for those who can not imagine their daily diet without sweets, fruits and other foods containing sugar. Pizza with sweet filling - one of the most original dishes. Many are skeptical about this product, considering that classical pizza - it's cheese, tomatoes and meat. Really sweet pizza in taste nor in no way inferior or Marguerite Adriano. Unless it is served as a dessert and a drink special.

That may be part of a pizza?

Usually this fruit, nuts, mozzarella cheese, and supplements is a triumph of taste sweet and creamy cream. However, this is not the whole composition of the products that can be used as a filling. Italian pizzeria offer the sweet pizza with additives such as chocolate (usually bitter), strawberries, blackberries, raspberries (not cherries and blueberries). Sprinkle berries with powdered sugar. Exotic sweet pizza served with mango, passion fruit, pineapple. This filling sprinkled with white chocolate instead of black to give the dish a wonderful taste.
Serve sweet pizza with sherry, stringy liqueurs, grappa. And of course it goes well with green tea, pu-erh.

You have not tried sweet pizza? Do not miss this opportunity!

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