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Pizza Delivery Technologies

25 March 2017

Bag for delivery

Bags used to keep pizza hot while transporting are usually called hotbags or hot packs. Hotbags are thermal packs, usually made of vinyl, nylon or cordura, which passively retain heat. The choice of material affects the cost, durability and compaction. Heated packets provide additional heat through the insertion of external heated discs, electrical heating elements or pellets heated by induction from electrically generated magnetic waves. Innovations in the design of packages for pizza delivery allowed without the use of a fixed box for delivery on bicycles, use a rigid frame, on the back belts and waterproofing. These systems are cheaper, more efficient and faster to use.

Pizza delivery bag

Pizza Boxes

Modern pizza boxes are made of corrugated cardboard. It has a number of advantages for pizza delivery: it is cheap, convenient for repeated and one-time use, is tough but light, absorbs, which prevents leakage of oil and juice, and air channels in the cardboard have excellent insulating properties.
The history of the pizza box began in Naples in the 1800s when bakers put pizza in metal containers called stufas: round, vented tin or copper containers with shelves that kept the pizza separate from each other. Since the 1940s, the pizza box for take-out was made in round shape on a cardboard base and covered with a paper bag. It is believed that Domino developed a modern corrugated flat square box for pizza in the early 1960s, but they did not pat it. Patent samples of pizza boxes date back to 1968. Innovations have since been:

  • • various ventilation configurations;
  • • built-in holders for extra sauces;
  • • designs for easier recycling;

And perforated peaks, so wedge pieces of cardboard can be used as wafers. The lid of the box is often supported by a disposable plastic tripod over pizza, known as a pizza shutter.

boxes for delivery
Many boxes for pizza from corrugated cardboard in individual and total production, but some are not accepted by municipal recycling programs (recycling or reuse), because cardboard is often wetted with butter and sauce, which makes them unsuitable for certain types of processing. Thus, boxes can usually be disposed of together with household waste to landfills; The more environmentally friendly recycling option that has been proposed is the form of composting pizza boxes. Also, it is possible to tear off unspoiled areas, such as the lid and / or sides of the box, and process them.

Pizza shutter

In 1985, Carmela Vitale received a patent for a plastic three-legged stool for a tripod, he sat in the middle of the box and kept the top of the sagging pizza. Vitale called the device a "packet shutter" and used this term also as the name of her patent, but eventually it was renamed the "custodian for pizza." Since then, variations of the device have been invented, such as a disposable plastic spatula, a handle to hold the box from above; A plastic tripod, similar to what Carmela did, but with one of the legs serrated like a knife to make it easier to cut cheese and dough.

Pizza saver