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Top 10 best pizza toppings

18 January 2013

Pizza delivery in Kyiv - the most convenient way to get home a delicious dinner. Because of the great popularity of this dish we wondered what kind of stuffing for this Italian cakes are the most favorite among the customers? Thus, we present the Top 10 best pizzas:

  1. In the place of honor it is of different kinds of pizza meat toppings: bacon, ham, pepperoni, chicken. The rest of the products are added only complement the meat basis;
  2. In second place is the classic combination of cheese with tomatoes;
  3. Third place is occupied with a mix of pizza with meat, cheese and tomatoes;
  4. This place is a pizza with marinated meat. We can also add mushrooms, red onions, bacon and be sure the marinade;
  5. In fifth place is the pizza for fans of "sharp little something." Base with burning taste, where pepper is added or sauce, or in meat products;
  6. This place is rightly given a pizza with different types of cheese, mushrooms and ham;
  7. Only cheese and nothing but cheese. This pizza is ranked seventh. In addition to the cheese cake is delicious sauce;
  8. Another big hit as a supplement to the pizza is a marinade with sharp products. This original flavor will appeal to those who have tried all sorts of variations of pizza;
  9. Fish stuffing in the penultimate place. However, in our view, it should be awarded the higher place.
  10. And closes the top 10 unusual taste ham and pineapple. It is unlikely that this will become your favorite pizza, but it is worth a try!

We hope this rating will be for you useful and interesting. Maybe there you will find some new toppings that will have your taste.

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