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Types of sushi

08 April 2013

Sushi delivery services, pizza delivery - Kiev offers a variety of restaurants, cafes and shops where you can order the most popular dishes on the house. This article will be entirely devoted to the land, namely, what kinds of Japanese food there. Acquainted with the most common variants of sushi (so correctly should be called "sushi"), you will be able to better navigate the menu of the restaurant.

Sashimi. This type of sushi is the pieces of chilled, raw, but always fresh sea fish. Special art in this case - to cut the fish. Too thick or thinly sliced, it will lose its true taste. Depending on the type of sashimi, you will be served and some soy sauce.

Nigiri. The most common type in the delivery of land Kiev. It is a small roll of rice oval and fish laid on top. It can be served with wasabi. Drink nigiri, dipped in soy sauce.

Sushi Maki. It is this kind of name is Sushi - Roll. It looks like a slice of fish with vegetables or fruit, wrapped in rice and wrapped the top sheet of nori seaweed. Along with the pizza delivery in Kiev sushi maki occupy a leading position among our customers.

Temaki. It's a big roll that has taken arms, biting off small pieces of it. Most rolls looks exactly like temaki.

Knowing the variety of sushi, you will not have to do random order. You will become a regular at sushi bars and able to give advice to friends, some version of this delicious Japanese dish to choose.