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Delicious pizza in Kiev on the grill for 5 minutes.

17 October 2016

Now ... Grey autumn weather, squally winds and rain forced us to order delivery pizza home zakutuvatys in blankets and spend time in front of a favorite film with the hope of warmer days. Today, it is a sunny day. He encouraged me to memories of summer - a time when too hot to turn on the oven to cook pizzas at night. Harass all summer accessories for cooking over a fire, now will remember the summer. Give a recipe how to prepare a delicious pizza in five minutes or less directly on the grill.

What you need: gas grill, pizza dough (store-bought or made yourself - the recipe here), olive oil, tomato sauce, grated mozzarella cheese and any toppings that you like best.

What we do: firing up the grill (preferably with a cover) and then collect ingredients - sauce, cheese, caramel onion - they were ready to close. Roll the first 14-inch cake, brush it with olive oil and grill when the heat reaches its peak (usually about 450 degrees), use a pair of tongs to drop the dough on the grill. Let it prepares for two to three minutes on one side, then flip it.

The most delicious pizza in Kiev is almost ready. The last stage.

Well, now is the tricky part. Once you flip the pizza - the time left. You need to spread the cake with a thick layer of sauce, sprinkle cheese and add toppings for about 60 seconds or less. (Now you have found cooking dough is a quick process?) After filling at the cakes, close the grill and let it prepare for another two minutes. When the cheese begins to bubble and form a crust like golden brown, your most delicious pizza in Kiev is ready for use. Why tastiest? There is nothing better than cooking on fire, especially when the taste of summer is already forgotten.

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