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Protection of the rights of workers in pizzerias

27 March 2017

We will talk about international examples, because Ukraine is still far from the standards. Kiev, although the best in the delivery of pizza, but there is still much to grow. Today we will tell you how in other countries workers first delivered pizza, and then others learned to defend their rights.

In the United States, two unions were created specifically for pizza delivery drivers: the now-existing Association of Pizza Delivery Drivers (APDD) and the American Union of Pizza Delivery Drivers (AUPDD).

Association of Pizza Delivery Drivers
The initial need for appearance appeared in 2002. It was based more on popularizing the pizza delivery service on the Internet than through traditional pizzerian practices, and pizza dues and sales were the center of his income, and not through fees. You could join APDD using the form on the website, or chat with your employees in the chat. At its peak, it consisted of approximately 1,000 members in 46 states of the United States. APDD conducted several certification polls in the US, but never achieved success in local organizations. In March 2006, APDD lost the lawsuit against the Domino franchise in Mansfield, Ohio. This combined with a huge debt forced the union to close.

The master cooks pizza
AUPDD was founded in early 2006 by Jim Pohl, the driver of the PizzaPizza pizza chain in Pensacola, Florida. He was certified as a representative union for his network in April 2006. The field referred to the small minimum wage paid by its pizzeria, as an incitement factor in the formation of the trade union.

Courier on delivery

Formed in a more traditional method of organization in its own workplace, AUPDD uses certain Internet technologies, such as mass communications with the press and fund-raising activities (although more traditional fees are levied on union members). It also uses the Internet as its main propaganda channel for those who want to protect the rights of pizza workers throughout the United States.