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"Green" innovative technologies in the delivery of pizza

27 April 2017

Care technology provides technological solutions to customer needs through innovation, such as energy efficient LED lighting and mobile heat sources that operate without power racks or induction heaters. We spoke with co-founder Belinda Wong of her proposal and the benefits of environmentally friendly solutions.

What is Technology Care?

  Expertise Care Technology is in the development of innovative technologies and is a  solution that meets the needs of our customers. The company has several patents in the field  of wireless monitoring of medical devices and software, LED lighting and heating  technology.

  Our mission is to take care of the health, lifestyle and environment of customers. Our team  members and consultants have degrees in education in the field of electrical and computer  technology, wireless sensors, flexible production of electronic circuits, biomedical  engineering, project management, use of renewable energy sources and finance. And among  the customers there are many companies dealing with pizza delivery. Our team consists of  scientists and engineers from more than ten years of experience together. We built the  company through inventions, profoundly changed the lives of people, while remaining  environmentally friendly. Our developments are concentrated in art in green technologies,  design, science and technology.

  What is your role in it?

I am a co-founder and have patents in the field of medical monitoring devices, environmentally friendly solutions in LED lighting, flexible heating technologies and portable heating devices. My responsibilities include managing the company's accounting and finance, and I also took part in all aspects of growing the business from raising capital to sell our products.

In November 2013, I won the first prize by manufacturing a patented high-performance Care Technology system, in a full range of intelligent lanterns.

You have two green directions - white LED lights and a heating supply system. Tell us a little about them.

1. Dual heating of delivery systems:

Pizza delivery systems allow couriers to maintain food temperature, which is very important, as more and more restaurants offer delivery services. The technology LLC is invented to heat the dish on both sides, it is patented, characterized by light weight, and allows users to directly connect the package to the AC source (without a power adapter) or a DC power source in the car or batteries. This means that there is a loss of power to the environment through the adapters in the system. The preheat delivery system eliminates the need for power racks or induction heaters, since the device connects to any 110V AC outlet, which makes it very convenient. The design increases energy efficiency and takes up less space, since all electricity goes to heat the bag - it's 100% green technology!

The system can support pizza or hot food warm in a restaurant, shop or in cars. Double heating system provides:

  1. food safety;
  2. preserves the taste of pizza;
  3. retains the desired food properties - temperature, crunch, texture.

Our heated bags for delivery put four boxes for pizza, you can keep pizza at the right temperature and crisp while saving 35% of annual electricity consumption. In addition, since our system does not use induction heaters or adapters, it is characterized by extremely light weight, and does not waste energy for space heating. This makes it an ideal heating delivery system, since it can be used in any car or from an electrical outlet 12V.

Which was the process of developing the Dual Power delivery heating system? What was difficult and was a useful aspect?

The process of developing a delivery system began with a market research on the needs of restaurant owners, as well as providing solutions to these needs. Instead of sending e-mails or online polls, we turned directly to the food delivery service, in practice showing how everything works.

We delivered our delivery system and received direct feedback from customers and delivery personnel. As a result, in a short period of time completed field trials and completed the fine-tuning of the product with various tips. Next was the case for marketing, what distributors did, noting the speed of adaptation.

The greatest effect was obtained by taking the patented system from R & D for presentation at the conference in Las Vegas International Pizza.

What are your goals, including the issue of environmentally friendly technologies?

Going "green" way, we hope to attract more users. We can all help to preserve the world in which we live. In order to preserve natural resources for future generations, we must be good stewards of the environment, preserve and maintain by creating environmentally friendly products.

2. White LED lights:

White lighting technology and linear lamps are part of the patented intelligent LED lighting system. They are quite energy efficient and ecological, which greatly improve the quality of lighting in buildings.

Lanterns were originally intended for placement in medical institutions because of their approach to daylight. However, soon we saw a universal demand for the whole range of needs.

The bulk of the electrical energy produced by incandescent lamps is converted into heat, which heats the air, which makes them environmentally inefficient. LEDs generate the same amount of light energy (with a better spectrum), but only 10% of the electrical energy consumption is converted into heat. Therefore, they are considered more effective.

"Line lamps will give (at least) 50% in energy savings compared to fluorescent lamps, and save 90% compared to incandescent lamps. Lighting costs are 35 ~ 50% of the total monthly electricity bills for many businesses and families. This saving is very important for improving the cash flows of enterprises (especially pizzerias, where the largest share of costs is electricity).


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