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The story of how pizza appeared

by on April 1, 2019 in
Історія про те як з'явилась піца

Today, pizza has entered our daily diet so firmly that it has almost become a national dish. Pizza in a large company, pizza for dinner, pizza for breakfast, pizza on a day off and many more different options for using this aromatic and nutritious pastry. In addition, pizza delivery has become particularly popular.

Now, as soon as you are hungry, it is enough to make one call, and the courier will deliver your order very quickly. Pizza in Kyiv is no less popular than in Italy, where it comes from. This dish is attracted by its low price, excellent nutritional characteristics and ease of use.

Both adults and children love pizza. Few people know that this dish has its roots in ancient times. For the first time, something similar to pizza appeared in ancient Greece. The Greeks baked cakes, and put a variety of edible products on top. Such a pizza was called “plakuntos”, which in translation from ancient Greek means “baked bread cake”. On top of such a cake was poured with oil and sprinkled with seasonings. The inhabitants of the Roman Empire ate the first pizza with honey and bay leaves. It was from this time that the triumphant march of pizza began, first in Italy, and then throughout the world. Today, everyone hears such names as “Four Seasons”, “Margarita”, “Marinara”. Anyone who tried pizza at least once was amazed at the wonderful taste of this seemingly simple and quick dish. It is not for nothing that home delivery of pizza these days breaks all records of popularity among other products.

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