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Who invented pizza

by on August 13, 2022 in
Хто придумав піцу

The ancient Greeks could not have imagined that their bread cake would become so different and beloved and even turn into a kind of cult.

Pizza is one of the most common dishes in the world. Its ease of preparation and variety of recipes make it so popular. Everyone can choose both the dough and the filling to their taste. Or not strictly follow the recipes, but give free rein to your own imagination. And the extraordinary bright appearance of this dish will make even an ordinary table attractive.

Many consider Italy to be the birthplace of pizza, but this is not entirely true. The idea belongs to the ancient Greeks, who began to bake large, round and flat cakes along with ordinary bread. Leafy vegetables, some types of meat and even fruits were used for the filling, and spices and herbs were sprinkled on top. In Italy, cakes called “pizza” were popular among the poor and were sold in the streets and squares. After the introduction of tomatoes to Europe in 1522, the prototype of modern pizza appeared, and cheese became its integral part only in 1889 thanks to the Neapolitan baker Raphael Esposito. The famous chef used tomatoes, basil and cheese, the color of which resembled the Italian flag. This made Queen Margaret herself recognize pizza.

There are many different pizza recipes based on regional tastes and traditions. So, in India, marinated ginger, minced lamb and local cheese are used for filling; in Japan – squid, potatoes, bacon, mayonnaise; in Brazil – green peas. Australians eat pizza with shrimp and pineapple, and Costa Ricans with coconut. In France, they prefer bacon, onions and fresh cream.

But the Americans became the most ardent fans of pizza. Since 1987, October has been officially declared the month of pizza. About 350 slices of pizza are eaten every minute in the states, and the annual revenue from sales is more than 3 billion dollars. There are many types of American pizza, a wide variety of products are used for filling: meat and seafood, mushrooms, vegetables and fruits, nuts, various types of cheese, spices and sauces. New York pizza has large sizes, thin and flexible slices, Chicago pizza – on a thick crust, and sometimes in two, it is cut not only into wedges, but also into three or four squares. California contains non-traditional ingredients: bean sprouts, carrots. peanut sauce, and the grilled pizza, the recipe of which was created in Rhode Island, is baked on the grill.

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